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What "Young Invincibles" dare not tell you (youth joblessness, Campaign for Young America, Rory O’Sullivan, Alistair Johnston) - 07/10/12

... Conference on Civil and Human Rights (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights), Service Employees International Union, and Voto Latino. In Illinois, one of their state partners is the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium. They have several other partners that are merely leftwing. In a 2010 letter to their New York members, the Young Invincibles promoted a "March Across the...

Wade Henderson, UAW, SPLC join to harm Alabama over immigration law (LCCHR, Cindy Estrada, Mary Bauer) - 06/01/12

... Conference on Civil and Human Rights (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights) * Cindy Estrada (VP of the United Auto Workers) * Mary Bauer (legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center) In order to support illegal immigration, those groups will try waging economic war against Alabama (link): "Our message to the Legislature is simple. If we can't appeal to your humanity, we then will appeal...

Dozens of pro-illegal immigration groups were invited to Obama's mini-amnesty rollout and you weren't - 08/25/11

... Ann Curtis (Sisters of Mercy) * Leadership Conference on Civil Rights: Wade Henderson, Nancy Zirkin * American Friends Service Committee: "Ruth" from the Friends Committee on National Legislation * Esperanza USA: Luis Cortes OTHER: * Sheryl Sandberg Facebook * Howard Buffett: Buffett Philanthropies (Warren Buffett) * Steve Case Jobs Council * American Immigration Council: Mary Giavagnoli, Ben...

NCLR, LULAC, SEIU, UFCW, etc. launch boycott of Arizona over immigration law (+Al Sharpton) - 05/06/10

... Employees International Union * Leadership Conference on Civil Rights * UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) * Asian American Justice Center * National Puerto Rican Coalition

"Health Equity for All": racial power groups push healthcare reform ("new majority") - 10/05/09

A group of far-left organizations have created "Health Equity for All" (healthequityforall.org) to push for "universal health care reform". And, they're doing it from an explicitly race-based standpoint and being quite explicit about their attempts to gain race-based power.

George Soros gives $5 million to push Obamacare (HCAN, NCLR, ACORN, SEIU, etc...) - 08/11/09

... Public Interest (CSPI), Gamaliel, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Rock the Vote, USPIRG, MDI Imported Car Service of Maine (?!?), and the YWCA. [1] By giving the state of New York $35 million, Soros will trigger matching federal funds - from the stimulus - of $140 million (link): Soros' gift and the matching government funds will provide 850,000 children currently receiving public...

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights supports illegal immigration, misleads about hate crimes (SPLC, MALDEF, ADL, NCLR, NHMC...) - 06/19/09

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights has released a new report called "Confronting the New Faces of Hate: Hate Crimes in America 2009" [1]. It's the latest salvo in the attempt by several far-left groups to support massive illegal immigration and to silence their critics. They name-check several of those groups, but their exact involvement in the report isn't clear; the mentions might just...

NCLR conducting "National Call-In for Immigration Reform" April 27 to May 1 - 04/23/09

The National Council of La Raza is conducting "Reflection and Action: A National Call-In for Immigration Reform" (nclr.org/content/news/detail/56918): From house call-in parties to community center and church gatherings, the goal is for participants to come together between April 27 and May 1 to reflect on immigration reform and call their members of Congress to continue the push for immigration...

Stimulus: Leadership Conference on Civil Rights may get up to $90 million - 02/04/09

... version of the stimulus plan, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights may get up to $90 million for helping with the switch from analog to digital television.

"Legal Immigrant Children's Health Improvement Act" (Lincoln Diaz-Balart, NCLR, SCHIP) - 01/19/09

... Latin American Citizens, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, and apparently some lawmakers (link). Their comments - and my comments - follow.

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

... Center for American Progress * Leadership Conference on Civil Rights * Media Matters for America (has received money from George Soros) * Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund * Southern Poverty Law Center Their targets include Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Pat Buchanan, and others, and a video from them is here. The easy way to defeat their effort is to go to public appearances by their...

Karl Rove's pro-illegal immigration extended network - 07/15/06

... National Council of La Raza... Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund and the Center for New Community. The three groups had just begun a collaboration to help states fight anti-illegal immigrant ballot initiatives through a $1.1 million grant from Atlantic Philanthropies... [which was] created in 1982 by Charles F. Feeney with his wealth from Duty Free Shoppers Group, Ltd., has...

More pro-illegal immigration propaganda from the Washington Post - 03/22/06

... groups including the AFL CIO, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Catholic bishops, the Day Without an Immigrant coalition in Philadelphia and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will meet today on Capitol Hill to announce their plans. Given the news that millions of citizens of other countries have entered our country illegally and are now marching to be given rights to which they aren...