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With millions of Americans unemployed, Keith Olbermann promotes cheap, exploitable foreign labor (Georgia immigration law, Matt Ramsey) - 06/25/11

On his June 23 show, Keith Olbermann supported cheap, illegal foreign labor working in sometimes dangerous conditions rather than legal workers working for acceptable wages under safe conditions. And, he either fell for or tried to promote pro-illegal immigration propaganda. On the show (transcript at [1], video at bcove.me/9c9fn6v5), Olbermann claimed that Georgia's growers were "at least 11,000...

Tom Allison /MMFA downplays threat of Mexicans bringing swine flu across the border (+Olbermann, HuffPost) - 04/28/09

[UPDATES BELOW] Tom Allison of Media Matters for America offers "Paranoia pandemic: Conservative media baselessly blame swine flu outbreak on immigrants" (mediamatters.org/items/200904270037). He quotes various rightwing commentators but offers little analysis of his own, never attempting to refute any of their points. While I understand we're supposed to be shocked and mortified by their...

Keith Olbermann lies, says Sarah Palin is a socialist and described Alaska that way - 10/28/08

... doesn't normally track the lies of Keith Olbermann since there are so many and no one outside his bubble trusts anything he says. However, sometimes he crosses the line, as he did with tonight's "Olbermann on Palin: Socialist, fraud/Governor doesn't have a problem with Alaska's socialistic collectivism" (link) which contains this: Who was the collectivist share-the-wealther, who was boasting to...