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Democratic Convention speakers list and immigration - 09/03/12

... un-American plans of any president * Judy Chu - California Congresswoman co-sponsor of a 2009 amnesty bill in 2006, as an assemblywoman, joined with Gil Cedillo to support illegal immigration. Also supported his efforts to give driver's license to illegal aliens * James Clyburn - South Carolina Congressman amnesty supporter * Charlie Crist - Former Republican Governor of Florida position not...

Read about CIR ASAP: "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009" (Luis Gutierrez) - 12/11/09

... Clarke, Mike Honda, Lynn Woolsey, Judy Chu, Joseph Crowley, Pedro Pierluisi (Puerto Rico), Jared Polis, Jan Schakowsky, and Jose Serrano. 12/15/09 UPDATE: Per this, Gutierrez claims he has 80 co-sponsors, and his press conference including young people wearing t-shirts saying "Future Voter". Guess which party they'll be voting for. And: One key Republican who said he was “disappointed” by...

Gil Cedillo, "immigrants" to stage "civil disobedience" at LAX - 09/28/06

... senate) and CA Assemblywoman Judy Chu are going to risk arrest by leading "immigrants" in a civil disobedience "action" near LAX. Those involved include the union "UNITE HERE" and the We Are America Alliance. An article discussing the event also includes this: "They have elevated the issue to beyond just a group of workers in this single hotel to a broader issue of immigrant workers and the...

CA Democrats shelve driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 08/18/06

The seventh year wasn't a charm for California state senator Gil Cedillo (D-MX), as the Democrat-controlled Assembly Appropriations Committee decided to shelve his latest attempt to give legal California driver's licenses to illegal aliens: Political insiders suggested the measure was perhaps too controversial for an election year.

When is an Asian-Pacific Islander not an Asian-Pacific Islander? - 12/21/04

Your guess is probably close, but, to make it exact, here's a hint: Sacramento. Now that your guess is almost 100% correct, here's the article. "Two lawmakers seeking membership in Democrat-only Asian caucus": Two Asian lawmakers are asking to be admitted to the Legislature's Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus, or be given money to start a club that will include Republican lawmakers. Republican...

The pain, up close and personal - 07/22/03

Here's what "progressive" Democrat CA Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg says about the residents of California when she thinks no one is listening: "Some of us are thinking that maybe people should see the pain up close and personal, right now." That's from the SacBee story "Lawmakers' hush-hush talk broadcast live": Unbeknown to them, a group of Assembly Democrats' private gab session about