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Obama meets with "stakeholders" for amnesty propaganda push ("immigration reform") - 04/19/11

Earlier today, Barack Obama met with a group of 70 "stakeholders" to discuss a new push for comprehensive immigration reform. The stakeholders in question represent only a small number of Americans; see the list below.

Janet Napolitano falsely says she needs immigration "reform" to do her job; says border more secure; sounds like Chertoff - 11/13/09

Speaking at the Center for American Progress earlier today (prepared remarks: NYT article: link full video:, Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano said that she needs comprehensive immigration reform (downsides at the link) to do her job and that such "reform" (aka amnesty) is more attainable due both to supposed increased border security and due to fewer people trying to cross because of the economic downturn. In her speech, she sounded almost exactly like Michael Chertoff and used several of the stock talking points such as secure the border and living in the shadows. She also gave a shout-out to John Podesta of CAP and specifically mentioned the National Association of Evangelicals as one of the groups supporting "reform"; most of that group's member organizations are actually neutral or opposed to "reform".

It's extremely unfortunate that I was unable to get anyone else that I know of to help with my plan to ask her a question at today's event. People are willing to stand on street corners and wave loopy signs, but getting them to do things that could be devastatingly effective is incredibly difficult. Because of the flaws in her comments, someone who's familiar with this issue and who's familiar with "cross-examining" people could have undercut her argument and made her look very bad. That would help reduce the chances of "reform". If people aren't willing to confront politicians, they'll just keep on doing the bad things they're doing.

One of her remarks was this Chertoff-like bit:

When it comes to immigration, I took an oath as Secretary of Homeland Security to secure the nation by enforcing the law and managing legal flows across the border. Let me be clear: to do this job as effectively as possible, DHS needs immigration reform.

She is, of course, lying. Doing her job would involve enforcing the laws and trying to reduce the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. As a recent enforcement action shows, she is not interested in doing that. Every illegal alien who stays in the U.S. is a potential Democratic voter if she can get the amnesty that she and Obama want.

She said that "immigration reform will be a boon to American workers" which is completely false; see the immigration wage floor page.

She also supported chain migration, saying that "Community and faith leaders have also emphasized to me that we need reform because of how difficult the current laws can be on families, especially families of mixed legal status. Our immigration system is outdated where families are concerned, and we need to modernize and streamline the laws governing this process."

And, she supported increasing high-tech visa limits (aka the H1B program). That was after she "held a forum where [she] heard from technology executives in Silicon Valley". Obviously, Napolitano is great at only hearing one side of the story: she also referenced meetings she's held across the U.S. with "stakeholders", saying that "all [at the meetings] reach[ed] the same conclusion: we need reform". Napolitano, someone supposedly working for all of us, is ignoring the input of a majority of Americans and viewpoints that disagree with her.

Some of her remarks follow:

Why is John Podesta of CAP willing to hurt American nurses and teachers? - 06/04/09

Angela Kelley of the Center for American Progress quotes her boss (

The question that remains is whether there is the political will, especially in tough economic times, to move a reform package. Yet as (John Podesta) stated at yesterday's event, "we need solutions that restore the rule of law while aiding our economy by making taxpayers of all immigrants. So, to those opponents of reform we say this - immigration reform and economic recovery are not at odds with each other, but rather go hand in hand."

CAP is still the "think tank that can't think straight". Podesta didn't provide any sort of counter-argument, he just repeated what his group and others have said before. Clearly, the various problems CAP has - constantly issuing misleading statements and faulty studies and engaging in various logical fallacies - starts at the top.

Moreover, Podesta has no concern for American workers. Any form of legalization would swamp the workforce with millions of newly-legalized workers who would compete for jobs with Americans. And, that impact wouldn't just be on low-wage, low-skilled American workers but would also reach up into the middle class.

For instance, there are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are underemployed: some might be nurses working as maids, others might be teachers working as nannies, and so on. Those illegal aliens are prevented from pursuing their chosen professions due to their status.

A legalization program would make it possible for those former illegal aliens to compete with American workers in their chosen professions. The former illegal alien nurse who's working as a maid would compete with American nurses; the former illegal alien teacher who's working as a nanny would compete with American teachers, and so on. And, that will have the impact of lowering wages not just for low-skilled jobs but for higher-skilled jobs.

Obviously, Podesta and CAP don't care.

"Reform Immigration For America": business, labor, CAP, NCLR, CHIRLA begin new push; summit, townhall meeting; John Quigley - 06/01/09

A new group called "Reform Immigration For America" recently launched in order to push for comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. They're a coalition of business, labor, and far-left/racial power groups; see their slick site here:

"Dear Rod": form letter from Obama to Blagojevich - 01/06/09

Judicial Watch has obtained two letters sent to Rod Blagojevich; one from Barack Obama himself, the other from his transition team. PDFs at that link.

Unfortunately, both appear to be form letters sent out after the National Governors Association on December 2, 2008 in Philadelphia. The one from Obama pawns off all contact on Nick Rathod. The other letter is from Valerie Jarrett, John Podesta, and Pete Rouse, and likewise pawns off contact on others in case Blago wanted to "share thoughts". Whether similar letters were sent to other governors isn't known.

The only three things that seem like they might hold promise are:

1. The fact that JW's FOIA request was not complied with in full; Erin Knowles from Blago's office says in the reply to their FOIA request:

This office has no independent knowledge of all individuals who are currently "representatives of the Office of the President-Elect", "representatives of the Obama-Biden Transition Project", or "representatives of the Service Employees International Union". Therefore, if you would specify the names of individuals from who you seek correspondence, we would be happy to conduct a search to determine whether there are any responsive documents.

2. The fact that Obama's meeting with Blago was not in the supposed investigation of his team's contacts:

The President-Elect had no contact or communication with Governor Blagojevich or members of his staff about the Senate seat.

However, the fact that Obama was at the governor's meeting was already known, including with pictures. Perhaps their investigation might have looked better if they had listed all of Obama's contacts with Blago rather than putting it in the legalistic terms above.

3. The fact that Obama's letter starts with the salutation, "Dear Rod". If this was a form letter sent to other governors, did he call them with their first names as well?

Campaign to Defend America launches anti-John McCain ad (George Soros, MoveOn, CAP, SEIU, Fund for America) - 03/05/08

A group called "Campaign to Defend America" ("CDA") has released an anti-John McCain ad that you can see here: . They're supposedly going to be spending in the low seven figures running it on TV. It points out various ways that McCain is "McSame as Bush". Cute. And, it also ends with a rather questionable photo of McCain hugging Bush.

When I first heard about this, one name flashed like a neon sign everywhere I looked. And, it turns out I was right.

From this we learn that the CDA got $1 million from the Fund for America ("FFA"), which in turn was funded by $2.5 million from George Soros, with an equal amount coming from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The board of FFA includes: "Rob McKay, the chairman of the Democracy Alliance; Anna Burger of Change to Win; and John Podesta, of the Center for American Progress". The FFA also gave $1 million to "America Votes, a Soros-backed group".

Previously, the CDA ran; the site says it was paid for by them at the bottom of each page. On their about page it says:

Americans Against Escalation in Iraq is a group of independent entities, including the Service Employees International Union, Political Action,, Center for American Progress Action Fund, USAction, Win Without War, Campaign for America's Future, the United States Student Association, Working Assets, Americans United for Change, Campus Progress Action and Nation Security Network, that have banded together as a coalition to launch a multi-faceted, multi million dollar effort in fifteen target states to education the American public about the true costs of the war in Iraq, mobilize opposition against President Bush's Iraq policy, as well as apply on-going pressure on members of Congress to oppose this failed policy.

According to this, the CDA is "associated with the liberal advocacy group".

From last month (link):

Eddie Vale is joining the Campaign to Defend America as its Press Secretary. Vale was previously the New Hampshire Press Secretary for John Edwards’ presidential campaign and also worked as Communications Director for Ned Lamont’s Senate campaign in New Hampshire.

More here and here.

A nifty thing to have would be an online "George Soros Front Group Name Generator" so he can spend more time spending his money.