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Jared Loughner's AboveTopSecret postings (Gabrielle Giffords shooter) - 01/11/11

Jared Lee Loughner - shooter of Gabrielle Giffords - allegedly posted to the conspiracy forum AboveTopSecret.com using the handle erad3, and they've published the comments here. He created four threads and posted an additional 126 comments; none of them give an accurate picture of his political leanings or hint at what was to come. In almost all of the comments it's difficult to tell whether he was being completely sincere or whether he was engaging in some form of trolling, mind games, or just mental exercises. Many of the comments and all the threads use incorrect syllogisms, which he appears to have been obsessed with.

Many of the comments would seem to indicate an opposition to Christianity, but then again the explanation could be the above: he was just trying to rile people up or he was just using what appears to be opposition to Christianity to make his point. In one comment he mentions Ronald Reagan, but it's not clear whether he approves, disapproves, or is neutral on him. He links the part of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in one thread, but once again it's not clear what point he was trying to make.

He mentions "riot motivation" and says "[i]t's possible to overthrow a government and change the currency" but as with all the rest it's not clear whether he approved, disapproved, or was neutral on the topic.

Despite what you've heard from those desperate to deflect any sort of blame from the tea parties, it's difficult to draw any sense of political ideology from these posts. Specifically, the claim at volokh . com/2011/01/10/
jared-loughners-anti-war-views is absurd:

From reading through page after page of Jared Lee Loughner’s rantings, I see no evidence that he has changed from the left winger that he was in 2007. Indeed, less than six months ago, he was calling the Iraq and Afghan Wars "war crimes" under the Geneva Convention.

Once again: what he was trying to say there is not in any way clear. Loughner made few flat statements of fact (except perhaps thinking the Mars Rover was faked and there weren't actually people on the Space Shuttle), and nothing he wrote is in any way similar to 99.9999% of the political rantings to be found on the web, whether of anti-war leftwingers or even the crazier tea parties types.

Selections follow:

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591108/pg1
Are you telling posters that the date is a cult concept to measure work in the labor camp and for a political preservative?
How is the information being proposed to the controlled society?

Who is providing the information to the controlled society?

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread592730/pg1
I disagree with this thread being a silly topic.
This is a seriously government funded program.
This is a seriously government funded program.

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread592730/pg3
How are you accepting this faked program [Mars rover] from the government?

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591520/pg2
[the first paragraph is what's being replied to, from ATS user SSimon. The next two lines are from erad3]
"they decided to print money because the gold coins were losing their weight. Since its a soft metal, shocking coins together, gold was losing its worth so they printed money with mention "one dollar worth of gold " on the bills.
But after the great depression of 1929 this mention dissapeared from the money bills... its just paper. And you know.. it kinda became a parallel economy (i cant prove that...its just a gut feeling )"

This is during the Ronald Reagan Administration?

Why can't a group take power of an old currency to start a new currency?

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591520/pg2
Is it possible that politicians are taking advantage of the money system?

It's possible to overthrow a government and change the currency.

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591520/pg2

There's speculation to why the people gave such power to the leaders.
The people seemed to accept the coin system from their powerful leaders.

This is still going on in the current era.

If the government power is in control of their currency then the government distributes and enforces their currency.
The government power is in control of their currency.
Therefore, the government distributes and enforces their currency.

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread591520/pg2
[the first line is from ATS user CoachSlamYou; the others are erad3's reply]
If there was infinite currency then how would the government keep us down here?

I have to notice the past tense in the post.

This is a great question.

These might be topics that include riot motivation.

It's funny to think of riot motivation.

Hm! This is a interesting question you asked.

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread587644/pg2#pid9199283
[On the thread entitled "Employment Ideas, Outside the Box" containing frugal living ways to earn money]

I have to mention the Geneva Convention in this thread.
[links to and excerpts part of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights dealing with employment]

*** abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread592114/pg1#pid9185991
Look into what a war crime is from the Geneva Convention.
This could shed some light on the current situations of the world.
Could this be effecting the experience and circumstances of life?

Corruption: putrefactive decay; rottenness.

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