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State Dep't doesn't have passport records for Stanley Dunham before 1968; conflicting marriage information - 08/02/10

From this:

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department has released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother – but records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

The State Department claims a 1980s General Services Administration directive resulted in the destruction of many passport applications and other "non-vital" passport records, including Dunham's 1965 passport application and any other passports she may have applied for or held prior to 1965.

Destroyed, then, would also be any records shedding light on whether Dunham did or did not travel out of the country around the time of Barack Obama's birth...

There's much more at the link, including a heretofore unknown name for Barack Obama which was used in relation to his stay in Indonesia: "Saebarkah". Not knowing Indonesian languages leaves me at a disadvantage, but that sounds like some sort of title ("sae") plus a possible more Indonesian version of "Barack". Although that could just be a coincidence and it might be a proper name in Indonesia.

And, for those who claim that everything about Obama's past is "settled science", there's this example of what we're told not necessarily being the truth:

In the released documents Dunham listed both March 15, 1965, in Molokai, Hawaii, and March 5, 1964, in Maui, Hawaii, as the dates and places of her marriage.

Your job: find those who definitively state that she was married in 1965 and ask them to reconcile it with the above. For instance, Wikipedia currently states "[t]hey married March 15, 1965" and links to this.

ADL lies, smears in "Rage Grows in America: Anti Government Conspiracies" - 11/18/09

The Anti Defamation League has a new report entitled "Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies", which contains at least one major lie. And, it's a lie that you probably won't hear anyone else discuss, namely the one in the section about the "Birther" movement (

Despite the fact that government officials in Hawaii and non-partisan groups have all authenticated Obama's birth certificate, the “birther” movement continues to gain adherents.

1. Government officials in Hawaii admit that they've never authenticated the picture on Obama's site that the ADL is referring to; the ADL is lying. The most any official has said is that he was born there, but she gave no further details (other than her AG-reviewed claim that he was a "natural-born American citizen"). None of that is an authentication of the only "certificate" that we've seen, and what we've seen is actually just a "Certification of Live Birth".
2. The only "non-partisan group" that claims to have seen an actual paper copy is FactCheck. As can be seen at the link, they aren't a credible organization and they certainly don't act too very "non-partisan". The most other organizations claim to have seen is what we've all seen: pictures. And, the persons from Fact Check who claim to have seen the document were just their - per them - "staffers"; they didn't call in document experts. Several other issues with the Fact Check "authentication" are listed here; note that Fact Check falsely claimed that Hawaiian officials had said he was born there since November of last year, when in fact the statement from those officials was ambiguous, with the ambiguity only being resolved in late July of this year. In other words, Fact Check lied to their readers for around nine months.

Media Matters lies: Hawaii has not authenticated the certificate on Obama's site (Corsi, Dobbs, FAIR) - 09/16/09

Media Matters for America offers a smorgasbord of smears in "At "hate group" event, Dobbs embraces discredited birther Jerome Corsi" (, not bylined):

On his radio show -- broadcast from the anti-immigration organization Federation for American Immigration Reform's (FAIR) "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" legislative advocacy event -- Lou Dobbs interviewed WorldNetDaily staff reporter Jerome Corsi, who Dobbs described as "a pretty good guy to talk to" about immigration issues... ...On Fox News, Corsi claimed that Obama's presidential campaign "has a false, fake birth certificate posted on their website." In fact, the Hawaii Department of Health has confirmed that the birth certificate posted online by the Obama campaign is "a valid Hawaii state birth certificate" and has called the speculation about Obama's citizenship "pretty ridiculous." [Fox News' Fox & Friends, 8/15/08]

The word "confirmed" links to the Politifact article discussed here (#4) in which Hawaii DOH spokeswoman Janice Okubo says the following about the picture from Obama's site that Poitifact emailed to her: "It's a valid Hawaii state birth certificate". That solves that, right? Except, later in the article Politifact offers this completely contradictory Okubo quote:

Stanley Dunham was enrolled in University of Washington 15 days after Obama birth? Obama lied in book? - 08/04/09

Stanley Dunham - mother of Barack Obama - was enrolled in classes at the University of Washington at Seattle that might have started just 15 days after Obama was born. That's revealed in documents discussed here and here by Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily. And, that might contradict claims made by Obama in "Dreams of My Father":

In that book, President Obama claimed his mother remained with him in Hawaii until 1962 when supposedly Barack Obama Sr. made the decision to abandon Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii because Harvard did not provide sufficient funds for him to take his family with him to Cambridge, Mass., to begin his studies at Harvard in September 1962.

The classes apparently started in August 1961, but it's not clear to me on exactly which date they actually started (could it have been September instead of August), whether Dunham attended all of the classes, whether she attended any of them, or whether they could have been some sort of correspondence course that wouldn't require her to be in Seattle. However, a local telephone directory dated 1961 did give her address in Seattle (link). It would be very helpful to get clarification on those points.

One slight problem with Corsi's article is the claim that "trans-Pacific travel likely was at a speed half of today's jets". While all the types of planes flying to Hawaii aren't known, United Airlines was offering jet travel starting around 1960 (link). So expect to hear about that as a distraction from the probability that Obama lied in his book.

9/1/09 UPDATE: Per WND

In a video that has been removed from the Internet since the 2008 presidential campaign, Susan Blake, a high school friend of Obama's mother, gave an interview in which she discussed seeing Dunham shortly after Barack Obama Jr.'s Aug. 4, 1961, birth. Blake explains in the video that Dunham visited her in Seattle in a "late August afternoon" when Barack Obama Jr. was only "a few weeks old." ...Blake tells how she showed Dunham, an evidently inexperienced mother, how to change the baby's diaper... The Blake video presents additional evidence that conflicts with the birth story presented by Barack Obama in his autobiography "Dreams from My Father."

I haven't reviewed that segment or looked for a longer segment, but the comment at seems to be saying that Blake is not entirely credible. How accurate that is isn't known.

Tea party turnout number: should you trust Pajamas Media or Silver's MSM-based estimate? - 04/18/09

Now, here's a tough one. Who do I trust less: Nate Silver, or Pajamas Media and Glenn Reynolds?

Silver says that a bit more than 300,000 turned out for all the tea parties (link). And, he does that by linking almost 400 events in cities across the nation to local reports with their estimates of the turnout.

On the other hand, links to

The estimated number of participants in yesterday’s tea parties - sent in by citizen journalists who signed up to the site to enter attendance data from the event they participated in - currently stands at more than 551,000. More than 850 ordinary Americans signed up to report on their community’s protest. The number of participants will continue to rise as more of our field observers upload their photos and videos of the events and send us their attendance figures.

But, wait, it gets even better, with headlining "US Turnout: 618,068".

In their quest to be like ACORN in every way, did the party promoters take another leaf from that far-left group's book and just start inventing people? I'll leave deciding that up to you.

Obama home mortgage bailout open to illegal aliens - 02/25/09

From this:
Illegal aliens can apply for mortgage relief under the Obama administration's $275 billion [home mortgage bailout] plan, according to immigration experts and a group the government will use to help homeowners modify loans.

..."There is no legal prohibition against illegal immigrants owning homes," (Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies) said, "and in most cases mortgage lenders will accept a taxpayer ID or a Matricula Consular card issued by a Mexican Consulate office as identification to illegal immigrants from Mexico."

Chad Buchanan, a manager at SaveMyHomeUSA - a group cooperating with the Obama administration that assists homeowners facing foreclosure - told WND illegal immigrants who own a home "could certainly apply under our program."

"Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair" (Nadhmi Auchi) - 10/12/08

From this:
Why aren't the American media investigating the role of British billionaire businessman Nadhmi Auchi in supplying loans to Barack Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko? Some point to media bias, but there is another factor. Working for Auchi, who was born in Iraq, attorneys from London law firm Carter-Ruck have for several months been flooding American and British newspapers and websites with letters demanding removal of material they deem "defamatory" to their client...

...The Obama campaign recently issued a non-denial denial in response to claims that Obama met with Auchi―contained in Jerome Corsi's bestseller, The Obama Nation. They cited only two references. One is, "Mr. Auchi's lawyer" who told the February 27, 2008 London Evening Standard, "As far as he can remember he has had no direct contact with Mr. Obama." Another is, "A lawyer for Auchi, Alasdair Pepper" who says, according to the April 16, 2008 Washington Post, "Auchi Had ‘No Recollection' Of Meeting Obama or Michelle." Alasdair Pepper is the attorney whose name appears on the Carter-Ruck demand letters...

Kenya admits Jerome Corsi was detained due to his political activities - 10/09/08

On Tuesday, 'Obama Nation' author Jerome Corsi was detained in Kenya just before holding a press conference to discuss his book and discuss his investigation of links between Barack Obama and Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The original explanation was that his work permit had been lost. Despite the fact that that was such an incredibly obvious sham that most kindergarteners could see through it, almost all Obama supporters who discussed this either bought the Kenyan government's line, or tried to retail it to their readers.

Now comes this from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation:
Jerome Corsi, author of the anti-Obama book titled The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality was deported back to America not because of a hitch in his travel documents as reported earlier but due to the nature of his mission in the country.

According to Foreign affairs minister Moses Wetangula, Corsi displayed inconsistent conduct with the expected norms of good behaviour in the country.

Corsi was on Tuesday night deported back to America after he attempted to launch the book blasting White House hopeful Barrack Obama at a Nairobi hotel.

The initial explanation offered by the authorities for his deportation was that his travel documents were not in order.

But it emerged on Wednesday that his deportation squarely lay on his suspect intentions and mission in the country, the launch of an anti-Obama book.

According to Wetangula, Corsi who was in the country on a tourist visa was ordered to leave the country by the immigration department.

Corsi's scheduled launch of the book at the Laico hotel failed to kick off after a section of Kenyans demonstrated against it leading to his detention by security officials.

In the book, Corsi ridicules Prime Minister Raila Odinga accusing him of supporting the agenda of radical Muslims.

He had also announced he would expose alleged connections to certain sectoral groups in Kenya and subsequent plots to be executed in Kenya Should Obama win the US election...

Lil' fascists: Barack Obama supporters on Jerome Corsi's detention in Kenya - 10/07/08

It used to be that "liberals" would strongly oppose corrupt foreign governments "losing" paperwork in order to stifle speech. However, when things like that are done in support of Barack Obama, their response is a bit different. Here are some instances of those discussing the detention in Kenya of Jerome Corsi, author of the anti-BHO book Obama Nation. Think of these as a preview of how his supporters will act should he become president:

Jerome Corsi detained in Kenya after investigating Barack Obama links to Kenyan president - 10/07/08

Jerome Corsi - author of the best-selling book Obama Nation and someone that the Barack Obama campaign subsequently smeared - has been detained in Kenya. The official word is apparently that he hasn't been detained, but Corsi says his passport has been taken. He and his publicist apparently haven't been charged with any crimes, and contrary to other reports he hasn't been deported; he was scheduled to leave the country today. The officials may have picked him up after "losing" his work permit.

Corsi traveled to Kenya to discuss his book and also to investigate Barack Obama's ties to that country, and Kenyan immigration officials detained him just before he was to hold a press conference. Those actions were certainly taken by BHO supporters, but whether the BHO campaign itself played a role will probably never be known. According to Corsi, Obama has been in direct contact with the president of Kenya since 2006. (For more on that, see this; yes, I know but desperate times...)

See this for how some Obama supporters reacted, which is what you'd expect.

From this:
Corsi had extensive meetings with top Kenyan officials upon his arrival. His visit and his activities during his stay have been well-known to authorities at the highest levels...

Obama has a long history of connections in Kenya, where his father worked as a government economist. Corsi documented this history in his book and went to Kenya to find answers to lingering questions – particularly about the links between the presidential candidate and Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Corsi had promised a news conference today that would "expose details of deep secret ties between U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and a section of Kenya government leaders, their connection to certain sectoral groups in Kenya and subsequent plot to be executed in Kenya should Senator Obama win the American presidency."

...A hotel worker in Nairobi told Reuters Corsi was picked up as soon as he walked into the hotel for the scheduled press conference: "He was walking in and then some immigration officers who were following him snatched him. It happened so fast, they just vanished with him."

...Corsi was set to show Obama and Odinga have been in direct contact since the senator's visit to Kenya in 2006. He was to claim Obama advised Odinga on campaign strategy and helped him raise money in the U.S. for the Kenya presidential campaign.

Corsi was to report Odinga's 2007 presidential campaign strategy called for exploiting anti-Kikuyu tribal sentiments, claiming victory and charging voter fraud even if the campaign knew the election had been legitimately lost. Odinga, Corsi said, also was willing to fan the flames of ethnic tribal tensions and use violence as a last resort by calling for mass action that led to the destruction of properties, injuries, loss of life and the displacement of over 500,000 Kenyans. The purpose was to compel the Electoral Commission of Kenya to declare him the winner or enable him to declare himself the winner by force.

Even though Odinga has not fulfilled his campaign promises to the Muslims who voted for him, he continues to cause concern among Kenyans because he has not declared his position on Shariah law, Corsi said.

Corsi said Obama remained in active phone contact with Odinga through the New Hampshire Democratic Party primary in January. The Illinois senator continued to support Odinga, he said, turning a blind eye to an agreement signed with Muslims and the post-election violence instigated as part of the campaign strategy.
Corsi was also going to give $1000 to Obama's half-brother George, who lives in a Nairobi slum.

UPDATE: Tom Odula and Elizabeth Kennedy of the Associated Press say: "The best-selling book, released earlier in the United States, collects false rumors and distortions to portray Obama as a secret radical who cannot be trusted... Corsi's book claims the Illinois senator is a dangerous, radical candidate for president and includes innuendoes and false rumors - that he was raised a Muslim and attended a radical black church... Obama is a Christian who attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and his campaign picks apart the book's claims on the Web site" Their interpretation of BHO could have been written by the BHO campaign itself. For instance, while some might disagree, TUCC is a radical church; because of that disagreement it's not correct to flat-out state it isn't a radical church. Their report also includes one more paragraph promoting Barack Obama's supposed debunking of Corsi's book.

UPDATE 2: I haven't seen too much real support for a free press lately, but at least one person comes close. Frank James says:
It's a sad commentary on the state of freedom in Kenya that a Kenyan journalist would say Corsi shouldn't have had anything about his planned appearance, presumably an ad or story, in the morning paper, that he "should have kept it secret." Hard to do a publicity stunt while keeping it quiet.
UPDATE 3, 10/8/08: Corsi is going to be on tonight's Hannity & Colmes, and there's more on the incident here and here.

Obama campaign creatively edits Jerome Corsi quote; his supposed "widely discredited beliefs"; calls him "Truther" - 08/14/08

The Barack Obama campaign is promulgating to their followers and others a PDF about Jerome Corsi's latest book "Obama Nation"; you can download it here:

Some of their debunking in parts of it may be accurate or not, etc. However, in one section they've "creatively edited" Corsi. From the section called "CONSIDER THE SOURCE: CORSI HOLDS WIDELY DISCREDITED BELIEFS":

Corsi is a 9/11 Truther. In a radio interview, Corsi said, "I'm gonna come out with a story, I think is gonna be earth-shaking, and that is from Steven Jones, the physicist from BYU who's been dismissed. Well, he's now gotten samples of the World Trade Center dust, and he's demonstrated the dust has formed these spheres, these iron spheres, that can only be formed under extremely high temperatures. And I know enough about the science to know he's right. The fire, from jet fuel, does not burn hot enough to produce the physical evidence that he's produced. so when you've got science that the hypothesis doesn't explain--evidence--then the hypothesis doesn't stand anymore. It just means the government's explanation of the jet fuel fire is not a sufficient explanation to explain the evidence of these spheres--these microcopic spheres--that Steven Jones has proved existed within the WTC dust...In attacking these things, first scientifically...for me, what tips the scales is when you've got science that the conventional hypothesis doesn't explain." [Alex Jones show, 1/29/08]

Oddly enough, the BHO campaign left out part of that quote without providing ellipses. In fact, they left out a whole sentence. Here's the relevant part, with the omitted sentence in bold (source: NYT):

So when you've got science that the hypothesis doesn't explain–evidence–then the hypothesis doesn't stand anymore. It doesn't mean there's a new hypothesis you've validated. It just means the government's explanation of the jet fuel fire is not a sufficient explanation...

With that sentence, his statements take on a more balanced tone; he appears to be calling for real press coverage instead of simply accepting everything the government has said at face value. While some MSM sources have been in the former camp, most have been in the latter. In the NYT's words, "he was planning [on] exposing what he calls the government's inadequate explanations about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center". There's a huge difference between the wild-eyed truthers who claim for a fact that Bush/Cheney/etc. knew about or planned the attacks and those who rightly question some government explanations that don't add up.

Another entry in that section concerns the North American Union; see the post about Kenneth Vogel for an answer to that. Their entry also quotes Hawkins. They also discuss the NAFTA Superhighway. Apparently their followers are expected to think both are myths and they correctly assume that most of their followers won't know that Obama has come out for Bush's and appears to have confirmed the NAFTA Superhighway.

Truth Fights Back, just not too well (John Kerry on anti-Obama smears) - 08/14/08

John Kerry's "Campaign for Our Country" has started a new website called Truth Fights Back (, and it's pretty bad. For instance, consider the post "Barack Obama is not aligned with Weather Underground", which combines 3rd-grade-level writing with 3rd-grade-level thinking. This is the "smear" (

Republicans have repeatedly pushed a bogus story about William Ayers, a member of the 60s-era Weather Underground. They make all sorts of bogus claims about his association with Barack Obama and repeatedly try to make the connection between the two stronger.

And, this is the supposed counterattack:

Barack Obama has very little connection to William Ayers. Barack Obama served on the board of a non-profit in Chicago. This non-profit also asked Ayers, now a professor at the University of Chicago, to serve on the board. Obama had nothing to do with his inclusion on the board. Very early in his career, Barack Obama attended one event at Ayer's house, organized for Obama. This was over a decade ago.

Needless to say, there's more to it: link,

They also discuss the recent Jerome Corsi book (, linking to Media Matter's supposed debunking article ( While some of the points MMFA makes are worrisome, most are indeed rather trivial.

Their entry on Obama's Global Poverty Act combines some debunking with a lot of disingenuousness ( The RNC sent out a fundraising letter which is apparently excerpted at

A bill he has sponsored in the U.S. Senate, the so-called Global Poverty Act
(S. 2433), would raise the amount of American tax dollars allocated to United Nations’ redistribution efforts to $845 billion.

FTS correctly points out that that's not accurate: the bill would only spend $1 million. But, they're disingenuous in pretending that that's all it would do:

Obama does sponsor the Global Poverty Act (S. 2433), an attempt to focus on one of the largest contributors to global instability. However, it simply asks for a refocusing of resources toward this goal, not new spending, essentially mandating more efficiency and focus in meeting this huge problem. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that "implementing S. 2433 would cost less than $1 million per year." It would, therefore, take 8,450 years for the Global Poverty Act to spend the money the RNC claims it would spend.

The DNC (draft) position is to support those MDGs, and Obama wants to meet those goals as well. That is going to require an outlay of billions of dollars, even if only $1 million is spent on the study and the like initially.

FTS also has a rather interesting commenting policy, straight outta Moscow: has a strict commenting policy. This is a site for debunking false attacks and misleading smears against Democrats. If you are not interested in that goal, please feel free to comment elsewhere. And due to the emotional nature of the subject matter, we have a few rules that go farther than we would on a normal blog to try to keep the vitriol lower than otherwise possible. We have a goal of finding and spreading the truth, not in attacking others. To further that goal, these behaviors will not be tolerated in comments:
* furthering and amplifying the smears against Democrats
* attacking other posters
* profanity directed at any other poster
* smears against Republicans
* off-topic remarks for their own sake

Kenneth Vogel/Politico smears Jerome Corsi ("Obama Nation" book) - 08/13/08

Jerome Corsi has recently released a book highly critical of BHO called "Obama Nation". Needless to say, the usual suspects are up in arms. But, representing perhaps more the corrupt establishment in general than BHO fans in particular, Kenneth Vogel of The Politico offers the smear piece "Wild theories of 'Obama Nation' author" (politico .

NAU apologists - 11/24/06

[List below updated 12/11/07]

Recently, Rep. Tom Tancredo was quoted as saying this:

"People have to understand what we're talking about here. The president of the United States is an internationalist... He is going to do what he can to create a place where the idea of America is just that – it's an idea. It's not an actual place defined by borders. I mean this is where this guy is really going... I know this is dramatic – or maybe somebody would say overly dramatic – but I'm telling you, that everything I see leads me to believe that this whole idea of the North American Union, it's not something that just is written about by right-wing fringe kooks. It is something in the head of the president of the United States, the president of Mexico, I think the prime minister of Canada buys into it... And they would just tell you, 'Well, sure, it's a natural thing. It's part of the great globalization ... of the economy.' They assume it's a natural, evolutionary event that's going to occur here. I hope they're wrong and I'm going to try my best to make sure they're wrong. But I'm telling you the tide is great. The tide is moving in their direction. We have to say that."

This has resulted in various people calling Tancredo names or disputing that such a plan is underway. And, some of them dispute that such a plan exists, but then say that such an idea isn't so bad after all. While it's certainly possible to disagree with Tancredo's assessment, all of the comments I've seen involve some form of name-calling and none of them discuss the issue on its merits. In some cases this might be actual pro-NAU propaganda, in others it might be due to opposition to Tancredo's support for our immigration laws, in others it might be a knee-jerk defense of Bush, and in some it might be due to the fact that many bloggers aren't, shall we say, that good at research and analysis.

* Judd Legum of Think Progress says: "You might think the right would immediately repudiate this kind of conspiracy theory. You'd be wrong." As could be expected from that site, most of the comments are name-calling. Some however support the NAU concept.

* Steve Benen of The Carpetbagger says: "Now, far be it for me to defend the president against an unhinged attack from a far-right lawmaker, but does anyone seriously believe that the Bush White House wants to dissolve U.S. borders altogether?" At least two out of five comments, while calling names, provide facts on the SPP.

* "AllahPundit" says: "Oh Lord... We get e-mails from those people all the time. We... do not publish them... Update: HotAir commenters (most of them) agree: Tancredo’s a prophet whose only crime is seeing too clearly the nefarious machinations towards one-world government that are happening under our very noses!" (HotAir is run by Michelle Malkin; the first post I made to her immigration blog concerned the SPP. Her position on this matter isn't known.)

* "Captain Ed" (who isn't a real captain) says: "Tom Tancredo reminds people today why he will forever remain a fringe element in American politics... This is absurd. George Bush may not have responded very well to immigration concerns from his base, but he's done more than his father, Bill Clinton, and even Ronald Reagan in bolstering border security. Tancredo is engaging in mindless demagoguery with these doomsday descriptions, and moving closer to the realms of paranoia." Most of those commenting disagree.

* John Podhoretz says: "I speculate in my book, Can She Be Stopped?, that Tancredo will run as a third-party candidate in 2008. Sounds like he'd be perfect to top Lyndon LaRouche's ticket. If you are serious about the importance of immigration restriction, you'd best be looking for a leader who hasn't chosen to place himself beyond the political fringe."

* Mark Steyn says: "Chances of an EU-style sovereignty pooling arrangement in North America? Zero per cent – whatever Tom Tancredo and the CFR say."

* SeeDubya from Junkyard Blog mockingly refers to "internationalist conspiracy", "sweet, sweet New World Order", "Illuminati endgame", and pretends that the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board supports U.S. sovereignty.

* MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy calls Tancredo various names such as "barking moonbat".

* Alexander McClure at Wizbang Politics says: "...I hope the White House throws all of its resources into this race to make sure that Tancredo also goes into retirement. He is an embarrasment to the party."

* John Hawkins at Right Wing News had a debate with Jerome Corsi on the topic. While Hawkins is not a Bush apologist in the Captain Ed/RedState/BlogsForBush mold, he is on the wrong side of this issue.

* "Appalacian Scribe" John Norris Brown says: "Why anyone gives this nutcase credibility is beyond me."

* Ragnar Danneskjold at the Jawa Report says: One would think that a U.S. Congressman would realize that any statement that starts with "I know this is dramatic" and proceeds to defend the ideas of "right-wing fringe kooks" is pretty unlikely to go anywhere good.

3/22/07 UPDATE:
* Ezra of People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch says, among other things (

...the Eagle Forum published a list of questions for its supporters to ask candidates on the trail, ranging from Schlafly's theory of "supremacist judges" to the John Birch-esque "North American Union." She says her plan is working, according to "Swift Vet" co-author and fellow "North American Union" enthusiast Jerome Corsi...

A few links are included in that excerpt, including one linking the first "North American Union" to Wikipedia's entry on "black helicopters".

6/27/07 UPDATE:
* Joshua Holland, staff writer for Alternet, joins the list with "Debunking the North American Union Conspiracy Theory" ( He can't even get past the second paragraph without violating Godwin's Rule:

The North American Union story is an offspring of the John Birch Society right, with its attendant xenophobia and paranoia. It comes complete with a shadowy international cabal intent on stabbing decent, hard-working Americans in the back -- Dolchstoss!

He mentions the Council of Canadians, without mentioning that they're a leftwing group and thus tend to disprove his contention that the NAU "story" is just a rightwing issue. And, he mentions some of the "dots" making up the NAU "story", but he just can't connect them.

8/13/07 UPDATE:
* Chris Hayes of The Nation offers "The NAFTA Superhighway" and says that highway is fictional. Some of the letters say he's full of it, with one claiming that Katrina vanden Heuvel is a member of the CFR [11/05/10 UPDATE: Katrina vanden Heuvel is indeed a member of the CFR].

* Matt Yglesias links approvingly to his article in the post "The Highway That Wasn't There".

* Both join Vice President Dick Cheney in claiming there's no such highway.

* In early August 2007, Stephen Colbert had a little bit of "fun":

8/24/07 UPDATE:
* Seattle Times columnist Bruce Ramsey offers "Bet your bottom amero that U.S. sovereignty is safe". He bases his conclusion that there's no plan to create a NAU by asking... "the government's chief negotiator on trade, Susan Schwab". She tells him it's just an "urban legend". And, he believes what she says. The JBS - mentioned in his piece - responds here.

* The Fox News "all stars" (Fred Barnes, Juan Williams, and Charles Krauthammer with host Brit Hume) play the Bush quote and then have a bit of fun here: Krauthammer whitewashes the Bilderberg conferences, saying that he went to one. He compares those who think the NAU is possible to those who believe that Elvis is still alive. Barnes and Williams join in with the "fun". Just because these three idiots say people aren't pushing for it shouldn't be taken as proof that it is being pushed, but...

9/15/07 UPDATE:
* Richard Reeb at the Claremont Institute offers the post "We've Got Our Nut Jobs Too/Right Wing Conspiracy Theory".

11/27/07 UPDATE: Drake Bennett of the Boston Globe offers "The amero conspiracy": ...The NAU may be the quintessential conspiracy theory for our time, according to scholars studying what the historian Richard Hofstadter famously called the "paranoid style" in American politics. The theory elegantly weaves old fears and new realities into one coherent and all-encompassing plan... [etc. etc.]...

12/03/07 UPDATE: Gretel Kovach of Newsweek offers a very weak debunking attempt of the NAFTA Superhighway and the NAU in "Highway To Hell?" ( That's linked to by the Washington Post's "Fact Checker", Michael Dobbs (, who offers his own weak attempt. And, on 11/30/07, Stephen Braun of the Los Angeles Times offered "Paul believes in threat of North American superhighway" (link). It's similar to the WaPo's "Fact Checker" article, including a Stephen Colbert "joke". And:

Federal and state highway and trade officials and transportation consultants reacted Thursday with befuddlement and amusement. The fearsome secret international highway project Paul described does not exist, they said... ...the Trilateral Commission [is] an enduring bugaboo of conspiracy theorists... As alarms about NAFTA's illusory highway have spread across the Web, the issue's whiff of paranoia has ignited sparks of humor... [Colbert "joke"]

12/09/07 UPDATE: Matt Stearns of McClatchy Newspapers offers his own "debunking".

12/11/07 UPDATE: The SPLC has also tried to cast doubts on these schemes.

Is Michelle Nichols of Reuters a liar? - 07/27/06

[7/28/06 UPDATE: Reuters has corrected the article, see below.]

Michelle Nichols of Reuters offers a report about yesterday's Minuteman rally and book launch entitled "Immigration protesters scuffle in New York". As predicted, the MSM coverage of this event did not provide any details on the protesters, and it was biased in another way as well:
Immigration activists clashed at the site of the World Trade Center on Wednesday when an anti-illegal immigration group called for secure borders to avoid a repeat of the September 11 attacks and counterprotesters yelled "racists go home."

Members of the Minuteman Project, which patrols the U.S.-Mexican border for illegal immigrants, pushed and shoved members of an immigrant rights group that showed up at the event.

Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi, authors of "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders," were whisked away when some immigrant rights supporters broke through a police barrier and scuffled with Minutemen supporters...
If you're familiar with the coverage from the MSM - and especially Reuters and the AP - you've probably already assumed that Michelle Nichols is lying in the second paragraph. And, her third paragraph even implies that she's not telling the whole truth.

Then, there's this slightly less biased report from Samantha Henry of the Herald News:
As the rally continued, several pro-immigrant supporters broke away from their police-designated pen across the street and surrounded the Minutemen, who numbered about 30. Several shouting matches ensued.
And, in this audio interview, Gilchrist says that Michelle Nichols is indeed a liar. He also says that the pro-illegal immigration forces infiltrated their group with four protesters, who would occasionaly break away and rush the mike. And, he says his wife was pushed by protesters.

If Reuters were concerned with their reputation - instead of apparently being more concerned with pushing either a far-left or pro-cheap labor agenda - they'd look into whether their reporter is telling the truth or not.

There's some background on Reuters here, and also write to those sources that published this report: ( (

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7/28/06 UPDATE: At this page, Reuters provides an update, saying "Corrects description of scuffle in second paragraph". The other paragraphs appear the same, here's the new second para:
Supporters of the Minuteman Project, which patrols the U.S.-Mexican border for illegal immigrants, and immigrant rights activists, who showed up at the Minuteman event, became involved in a heated argument.

There are photos of the event here ( and here:

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