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Amnesty supporters Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst battle over definition of "amnesty" - 09/29/14

Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst are battling to become U.S. Senator from Iowa. Both support what most call "amnesty", i.e., both would legalize millions of illegal aliens. So, what to do when your position is basically the same as your opponent? Argue over terms [1]:

Agriprocessors manager admits to harboring illegal aliens (Postville, Rubashkins, Iowa) - 08/30/13

From this:

A former Iowa slaughterhouse manager has admitted to conspiring to harbor and recruit immigrants who entered the country illegally and then fleeing to Israel after the plant was raided in 2008, according to a plea agreement filed Thursday.

Examples of August townhalls that fail to do anything about immigration reform (amnesty) - 08/03/13

One of the best ways to block comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka any form of mass legalization) is for its opponents to use the Question Authority plan at this month's townhalls.

How the American Action Network immigration poll misleads (Steve King, Iowa) - 07/24/13

The American Action Network ("AAN") has released an immigration poll that claims to show support for amnesty in the Iowa district of U.S. Rep. Steve King.

Occupy Iowa Caucuses: dumb, ineffective, minor fascists (OWS, Ed Fallon) - 12/30/11

For the benefit of those in the Occupy Wall Street movement, I'll explain how this is the work of incompetent, ineffective, astonishingly stupid lil' fascists below:

Iowa Republican Presidential Debate December 10, 2011 (ABC News, GOP, Iowa Caucus, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Santorum, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Drake U) - 12/10/11

Yet another worthless GOP debate takes place tonight with what will be sold as the most important debate so far. That's because it will take place in Iowa a few weeks before the Iowa Caucus.

MODERATORS: George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer

Obama lies about Arizona law, misleads on immigration, uses one of Bush's lines - 04/28/10

Barack Obama spoke at a townhall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa yesterday and was asked the following extremely bad question:

And I was just wondering what your plan was for our undocumented workers who have established our country?

The White House transcript is at [1] and the video is at It's unclear whether the questioner meant "established themselves in our country" or not; if she meant what she said that's straight out of MEChA 101 (El Plan de Aztlan: "Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans")

Needless to say, that setup question allowed Obama to mislead about immigration and promote comprehensive immigration reform. And, in so doing, he used several lines that were spouted by George W Bush when he was president. Here's Bush in 2004:

If you can make fifty cents in the interior of Mexico and five dollars in the interior of the United States, you're comin' for the five bucks

And, here's Obama yesterday:

the fact is if folks are making $2 a day back home, and they can make $10 an hour here, they’re going to come here

Apparently there was a COLA increase, or something.

Ohio, Illinois, NY, NJ, Penn to lose political power due to massive immigration (House seats; also: IA, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO) - 11/19/09

According to a new study (, due to massive immigration particularly by Latinos, the results of the 2010 Census - used to apportion congressional districts - will result in the following changes (chart from the HuffPost article discussed here):

States gaining House seats: Texas (+4), Arizona (+2), Florida (+1), Georgia (+1), Nevada (+1), Oregon (+1), South Carolina (+1), and Utah (+1).

States losing House seats: Ohio (-2), Illinois (-1), Iowa (-1), Louisiana (-1), Massachusetts (-1), Michigan (-1), Minnesota (-1), Missouri (-1), New Jersey (-1), New York (-1), and Pennsylvania (-1).

If you're located in one of the states in the latter group, that means you're going to lose power. In that case, organize a local effort to take smart action to reduce immigration.

Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform visiting California, Iowa, MI, NC, VT; ask questions - 03/06/09

Later this month and in April, the Barack Obama administration will be conducting "Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform" in California, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont [1]:

In keeping with the Obama administration’s commitment to a transparent, accountable government, the forums will be an opportunity for Americans from all over the country to voice their concerns and ideas about reforming our health care system... They will be open conversations with everyday Americans, local, state and federal elected officials – both Democrat and Republican -- and senior Obama administration officials. The events will begin with a video recorded by the President, a summary of the findings from the Health Care Community Discussions that took place in December, and an overview of the discussion that took place at the White House Forum on Health Reform.

This would be a very good chance for those who are very familiar with these issues to go ask tough questions designed to point out the flaws in Obama's plans. Or, if you want to make one of Obama's little helpers look very bad, wait for them to say that there are "47 million uninsured Americans" and then point out that they're lying because millions of that number are foreign citizens including illegal aliens.

The schedule hasn't been released yet, but please contact opposition groups in those states and suggest they get their questions ready.


Council Bluffs, Iowa wants $2.5 million for "lightly traveled" road (+many more) - 02/16/09

Casey Gillam of Reuters offers "U.S. states eager to start spending stimulus money" (link), which lists some of the projects that various localities want to spend their fair share of the stimulus plan on.

Betsy Rubiner/Time offers pro-illegal immigration propaganda (Agriprocessors, Iowa) - 05/29/08

Betsy Rubiner of Time Magazine [1] offers a slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda called "After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why" (link). The raid in question occured at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville earlier this month, and her article could have been written by that company or anyone else who supports profiting from illegal immigration. The only mention of those who support our laws is in a highly negative light. The reader who thinks she's in any way a credible source of information should research the raid using the last link, then compare it to her article.

It starts with this:

In this small northeastern Iowan town surrounded by newly planted cornfields, a middle-aged white woman walks into the local Guatemalan restaurant with her arm around a Hispanic child who is sobbing because she can't find her mother. After conferring with a restaurant worker, the woman takes the child nearby to St. Bridget's, a small 1970's-era brick Catholic church on a quiet tree-lined street that has become command central for what people in this community of 2,273 describe as a "disaster relief response."

Then, it continues on like that, continuing to try to pull the readers' heartstrings in order to convince them to support illegal activity. Those who support our laws are smeared:

Anti-immigrant sentiment and ethnic tensions are not unknown in this unusually diverse Iowa small town, whose residents include descendants of German and Norwegian Lutherans and Irish Catholics as well as more recent arrivals — Latin Americans, Ukrainians and Hasidic Jews drawn here by the plant. A few angry people have called the church, complaining about its care of "criminals." But volunteers like Ardie Kuhse, 60, shrug this off. "Yes, they were illegal. But they were working. Is that a crime? They're a part of our community," says Kuhse, near tears as she recalls trying to calm children after the raid.

Obviously, it is a crime, but don't expect a hack like Rubiner to point that out to her. The last paragraph gives us their demands:

Braced for months of waiting and uncertainty, many Postville residents are certain about one thing: "We have to have comprehensive immigration reform so these people who desire to work can. We have to have a way to welcome them," says Sister McCauley. "When people are so hurt, we have to take a look at the law."

"Reform" is, of course, a code phrase for amnesty.

[1] From a bio for her book "Fun with the Family in Iowa: Hundreds of Ideas for Day Trips with the Kids":

Betsy Rubiner has written for "Parenting, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Better Homes & Gardens," "Time," and other publications. As a newspaper reporter, she launched children's beats, most recently in the" Des Moines Register. "She is a mother of two and has lived in Des Moines since 1990.

Crooked Towns: Sharon Cohen/AP on illegal immigration in Marshalltown, Iowa - 09/02/07

In addition to PIIPPs, a new way the mainstream media attempts to sell massive immigration - usually of the illegal variety - is through what we'll call "Crooked Town Story". These articles - some quite long - detail how a small town has changed after an influx of "immigrants", most of whom are illegal aliens. In most cases this involves what more honest reporters would recognize to be forced demographic change and this almost always involves one or more "bosses" of some kind: major employers that are profiting from illegal activity.

And, in most cases it's quite clear that the town is swimming in corruption, yet the stories at the most dance around that issue. And, they usually fail to point out other ways the towns could have been "saved", such as the major employers raising wages to attract legal workers. And, of course, they completely fail to "follow the money".

The first example is "Immigration wars squeeze Iowa town" by Sharon Cohen of the Associated Press about Marshalltown, Iowa, home of a Swift & Co. pork processing plant.

It's certainly not as bad as it could be, but after some statements from local leaders expressing opposition to illegal immigration, she offers the sales pitch:

And the town can't thrive without immigrants. The dramatic growth in the Hispanic population - from a few hundred in 1990 to perhaps as much as 20% of the 26,000 residents - has pumped new blood into this aging rural community.

Then, she quotes Mark Grey, "a University of Northern Iowa professor and immigration expert" and someone who sounds like a real piece of work:

"The leaders know darn well this town would really be suffering if not for the influx of refugees... They can wax nostalgic for the good old days, but the good old days are gone." ...Several times, town leaders have signed on to join Grey, the professor, to travel to Villachuato, a dusty, poor farming village in Mexico that is the source of many of Marshalltown's immigrants... "I wanted them to understand the economic conditions that drive people out of Mexico," says Grey, director of the Iowa Center for Immigration Leadership and Integration []... ...Houses with dirt floors (and without electricity), unpaved roads and people desperate for work all provided compelling evidence. But the trip also revealed something else to Walker, the police chief, as he questioned villagers: "I said, 'How many of you have been to Marshalltown?' All the hands went up," he says. "'How many of you did it legally?' All the hands went down."

I believe is partly funded by federal money, and their director knows that his efforts involve those who are engaging in illegal activity. Perhaps one of our representatives would like to investigate exactly how they're spending the money. And, believe it or not, there are parts of Los Angeles with unpaved roads and people desperate for work, and there are far poorer situations in other parts of the Third World than anywhere in Mexico.

Needless to say, Cohen just lets him talk and doesn't ask him about any of those issues.

Swift & Co CEO: raid was just for show
Swift hearing: Chertoff, Allard, Hatch, Klobuchar, Coleman, Harkin, Grassley
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Tom Vilsack for President? - 11/09/06

Democratic Iowa governor Tom Vilsack has announced that he's running for president. For the short, punchy version, see the "Traveling Tom" ( website from the IA GOP.

From this:

Iowans get exotic treat: Central American gangs - 09/07/05

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (link) The Midwest seems an unlikely hideout for Osama bin Laden's hired hands. But an ongoing federal crackdown shows an increasing presence of a violent gang with suspected links to al-Qaida. The gang, M-S-13, was founded in El Salvador and is known for smuggling drugs and immigrants into the U-S. [...and there's a possible terrorism connection...]

AVWatch: Annotating Villaraigosa's speech - 06/02/05

L.A.'s mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa appeared at the "Take Back America" event (for "progressives", not necessarily reconquistas). Here are his remarks, annotated with few randomly chosen links: