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Instituto de Mexico

Mexican government linked group that supports illegal/massive immigration. Per their site (institutodemexico.org), they're a "nonprofit organization dedicated to the Mexican community development and to promote and to disseminate the history and culture of Mexico". Their site as of June 2011 is under construction, but the front page has a top block saying "Here some important information that you need to know when if you are plannning to visit the Mexico Consulate in Atlanta". A previous version of their site (link) has the emblem of the Mexican Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (i.e., Mexico's version of our State Department).

A previous version of their site (institutodemexico.weebly.com/contact-us.html) lists a phone number that belongs to mexicanchamber.org. The latter site (the "Latin American Chamber of Commerce") lists (mexicanchamber.org/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4&Itemid=13) Gabriela Gonzalez as the "Exectitive Director" [sic] of Instituto de Mexico, Inc. The Honorary Chair of the LACC is listed as Salvador De Lara, Consul General of Mexico in Atlanta. The Instituto de Mexico and the Mexican Consulate have also held various events together.

Last modified Jun 3, 2011
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