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Latest Greg Sargent, Simon Rosenberg deception: pass amnesty to stop kids crossing the border - 06/24/14

Imagine the sleaziest used car salesman you can, someone who'd tell you a rusty hole in the top of a car is a sunroof.

Greg Sargent of the Washington Post and Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network are a lot like that.

How the Senate amnesty bill's border commission will be bogus (path to citizenship, Americas Voice) - 01/28/13

The Gang of Eight Senate amnesty plan includes a "commission" that would decide when the border is secure. After they decide it's secure, the former illegal aliens covered by amnesty would be put on the path to citizenship.

And - showing how little trust you can put in any amnesty supporter - key players are working to undermine the commission and make it a rubberstamp.

Citizen challenges President Obama to stay true to progressive principles! - 08/22/09

Welcome to the premiere edition of BYOSAK: "Build Your Own Soviet Allusion Kit". Your words today are velikiy (great, as in Peter) and grozniy (terrible, as in Ivan). Your goal: use those (or, alternatively, allusions to 1984) in relation to "Joe The Nerd: The Man Who Challenged Obama On Health Care" by Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post ( or the similar post from Greg Sargent [1].

During a super-tough interview with capitalist running dog and extreme reactionary rightist radio host Michael Smerconish, a regular Joe strongly challenged Leader Barack Obama with the following shocking question:

"Oh, I'm scared out of my mind talking to you here... I'm getting a little ticked off that it feels like the knees are buckling a little bit... We have overwhelming majorities in both the House and the Senate. And we own the whole shooting match. And I'm just getting...It's very frustrating to watch you try and compromise with these people who aren't willing to compromise with you."

Per Delaney, "it was the question of the week". Except, it's not really a question, it was from someone on Obama's side, Obama was (of course) able to "answer" it with ease, and one can only imagine the meltdown that would ensue at the HuffPost if Obama were finally "cross-examined" over his specific policies.


Bennie Thompson "dumbfounded" by DHS rightwing extremist report - 04/16/09

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson - chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee - has written a letter to Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security complaining about their recently-released report warning about rightwing "extremists". Per this, in the letter he says that he's "dumbfounded" by the report, also saying:

"This report appears to raise significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans -- including war veterans... As I am certain you agree, freedom of association and freedom of speech are guaranteed to all Americans -- whether a person's beliefs, whatever their political orientation, are 'extremist' or not..."

As pointed out at the end of 2006, Thompson was agitating against the border fence and got an F- for his immigration votes. At the same time, he spoke out against the jobs americans wont do canard.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent draws our attention [1] to the fact that back in 2005, Thompson released his own call "for the Department of Homeland Security to do More to Fight Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists" [2]. For an unknown reason, the PDF link at that page no longer works. However, a copy is linked from this page.

What Sargent doesn't tell his readers is that that report is different from the latter in that it's much more specific about what exactly a domestic terrorist is, relying on the FBI's definition and focusing on actual violent acts rather than verging on trying to criminalize protected speech.

However, it does contain this worrisome quote:

There are several organizations, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, the National Abortion Federation, and others with long-standing experience in monitoring rightwing domestic terrorist groups and assessing their danger. Congress or DHS should establish an advisory council of these groups in order to ensure that the Department has as much information as possible about the risks right-wing domestic terrorists pose.



Greg Sargent downplays illegal aliens taking stimulus bill jobs - 03/11/09

Greg Sargent - a lightweight online "reporter" previously associated with Josh Marshall - now works for "Who Runs Gov", a Washington Post publication. A recent post follows talking points from others and tries to downplay the fact that - due to actions taken by high-level Democrats - a very large number of illegal aliens will be able to get jobs under the stimulus plan [1]:

Mainstream news outlets such as USA Today and CNN have pushed this line, citing a "study" done by a self-described immigration "think tank" that happens to promote anti-immigration materials. But a quick look at the facts shows that this assertion is built on shaky to non-existent evidence.

Sargent is simply trying to distract his readers from the fact that the Democrats are - once again - selling out U.S. workers. Every stimulus job that goes to an illegal alien is one that was taken away from a U.S. citizen. The Dems could have prevented that, but instead stripped a provision from the stimulus bill that would have ensured that only U.S. citizens were hired. The 300,000 number might be off - as I've pointed out - but it's still in the ballpark. And, even if it's just 100,000 - an unbelievably low number - that means that 100,000 unemployed U.S. citizens will have had a stimulus job taken away from them.

Due to a technical issue I'm unable to access the WhoRunsGov site directly, but I urge you to leave comments there pointing out what Sargent is doing. This appears to be part of a coordinated effort, and it would be good to nip it in the bud.


"Liberals" support quotas, just not for white men, southerners (Obama cabinet) - 12/22/08

Many "liberals" believe in quotas in everything, whether they admit it or not. However, there are limits to liberalism. Namely, when the quota involves white men, especially white men from the South. Following are four recent examples involving the selections Barack Obama has made for his cabinet and top administration positions. These are reactions to the article "Southerners are the missing group in Obama's Cabinet" (link), which quotes Larry Sabato as saying:

"Obama scored a tremendous advance for Democrats in winning the three large Southern states and ignored them... I'm just stunned. It was the one grouping completely ignored."