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enforcing our laws is not anti-Hispanic: Page 1

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Peter Beinart smears GOP, sticks up for illegal immigration - 10/24/11

... vulnerable * jobs americans wont do * enforcing our laws is not anti-Hispanic * the "Veranda Pitch" (#4) Now, compare those to Beinart: In today’s GOP, the correct term for a human being who crosses the U.S. border without a visa in search of a brutally difficult, poorly paid job that few native-born Americans wish to do but on which our national economy depends is “illegal.” Not “illegal...

Bush smears illegal immigration opponents (12/18/2008 edition) - 12/20/08

On December 18, beloved and can't-leave-too-soon president George W Bush spoke at the American Enterprise Institute convocation and said [1] the following (via this): ...And I'm a little concerned about the tone of the immigration debate, labeling our party as "anti"-people. It's one thing to say they want the border enforced, and I understand that. But if a group of people think that a...

Jeb Bush considering Senate run (the better to push amnesty?) - 12/03/08

... understanding modern technology. And, enforcing our laws is not anti-Hispanic. Note that the word from the source contradicts what a Bush spokesman said yesterday.

SPLC's "The Year in Hate" misled about FBI hate crime statistics - 03/31/08

Earlier this month the Southern Poverty Law Center - a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government - released a report entitled "The Year in Hate", which continued their attempt to shut down debate about immigration matters. Per the AP: The law center's report contends there is a link between anti-immigrant activism and the significant rise in hate crimes against Latinos in recent years....