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Far-left wants John Morton fired over immigration quotas memo (also want little or no enforcement) - 03/31/10

... Department of Homeland Security. Deepak Bhargava of the (Center for Community Change), a lead organizer of the immigration rally in Washington, D.C. on March 21st and a leader of FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement), had this to say at today’s press conference: "This agency has gone rogue and is operating in clear opposition to the direction President Obama has set." What gives? It seems the...

Cecilia Munoz rallies troops at Reform Immigration for America confab (+Deepak Bhargava) - 06/05/09

... Crowd: Si Se Puede! Si Se Puede! Deepak Bhargava of the Center for Community Change was also there (twitter dot com/kyledeb/status/2044976971): * 11 days until meeting with Barack Obama, pressure our congressional leaders from June 17 meeting.

Obama meets with Congressional Hispanic Caucus over immigration "reform"; trip to Mexico; public forum - 03/18/09

... statements from Luis Gutierrez and Deepak Bhargava of the Center for Community Change are at [2]. So far nothing that shocking or newsworthy has emerged; both Obama and the CHC are strong supporters of giving an amnesty and other benefits to illegal aliens. The only question is how much Obama is willing to push it and when. The two points below indicate that a push might begin in April...