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Sarah Jane Glynn of CAP hypes amnesty using studies from Cato, Bush, and the Fed - 07/09/12

... Hurt Native-Born Workers" [6] by Dan Griswold. Calling Griswold a very loose borders, anti-American worker, cheap labor proponent is much too kind. He was the inspiration for Bush's 2004 program mentioned above. Discussing Glynn's other supposed benefits is left as an exercise. But, if anyone thinks any of her supposed benefits have any validity, leave a comment below and I'll discuss those too...

Sam Stein of HuffPost, lacking information, lets speculation run wild (Rand Paul, border fence) - 06/25/10

Sam Stein of Huffington Post offers "Rand Paul's Underground Electric Border Fence Baffles Cornyn, Libertarians" (huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/24/rand-pauls-underground-el_n_624535.html). It's one small step up from something you'd see on "Rock Bottom" (peekURL.com/vt2fh5z).

Viveca Novak of Fact Check misleads about immigration impact on jobs - 05/15/10

Viveca Novak of FactCheck offers "Does Immigration Cost Jobs? /Economists say immigration, legal or illegal, doesn't hurt American workers" (factcheck.org/2010/05/does-immigration-cost-jobs). It's yet another misleading attempt to try to convince people that what they see happening with their own eyes is not happening.

UCLA CAP IPC deceptive study: immigration reform would increase GDP by $1.5 trillion over 10 years - 01/07/10

... researcher. 6. Libertarian extremist Dan Griswold of the Cato Institute agrees with the study (Register report in 1 above).

Dan Griswold of Cato peddles more guest workers snake oil (2009 version) - 11/17/09

Dan Griswold of the Cato Institute was one of the inspirations for George W Bush's incredibly anti- and un-American guest workers program, one that would have reduced previously middle-class wages by flooding the labor market with lower-wage, skilled foreign labor (video here: peekURL.com/vsaprax). Now, Griswold offers "Will Democrats err in immigration reforms?" (link), complaining that in her...

Napolitano immigration meeting: you weren't represented (vast # of loose borders groups, Obama/Janet anti-287g) - 08/20/09

Earlier today, Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security held a closed-door meeting with a group of what she calls "stakeholders" (dhs.gov/ynews/releases/pr_1250792978709.shtm) but was actually a vast pantheon (see below) of far-left, racial power, corrupt business, and in general loose borders groups all of which want some form of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty....

"Sens. Cornyn, Kyl Prepare Massive Guestworker Plan" - 05/27/05

... the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Dan Griswold director of Trade Policy Studies at the CATO Institute, and Princeton sociology professor Douglass S. Massey (Douglas Massey). The witnesses also told senators that illegal immigration would solve the social security problem. Assistant Secretary Law made the incredible observation that the use of h-1b guestworkers in the high-tech industry, proves...

"Dogmatic Libertarians: Over the edge." - 01/19/05

... form of border control. But not Dan Griswold of the Cato Institute. Instead, Griswold specifically attacked the new Border Patrol initiative that targets organized crime. Scott Baldauf records Griswold's response as follows: "Noting the INS's new strategy, he sighs, 'It's just another example of government trying to stop people from doing something that is natural, to better their conditions.'"...

Libertarians on the loose - 12/04/04

The Cato Institute's Daniel Griswold has a column in Reason Magazine supporting Bush's "guest" worker plan (reason . com/hod/dg120304.shtml) "Beyond the Barbed Wire: Bush won a mandate for immigration reform". In their Hit & Run post (reason . com/hitandrun/2004/12/new_at_reason_298.shtml) about this article, I left the following comment: If you have the time, I'd very strongly suggest you...

Handouts? Go Beyond the Usual [Canards and Suspects] - 08/27/04

... the NIF, and I certainly trust Dan Griswold (freetrade . org/pubs/speeches/ct-dg040104.html) far less (etherzone . com/2002/antl120402.shtml). (See "Dogmatic Libertarians", nationalreview.com/comment/comment-fonte050902.asp). He is, after all, the author and/or inspiration for the Bush/Fox Amnesty. (Watch the beginning of the video here). And, he isn't identified as such in Lopez' column. "They...