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Charlie Gonzalez

Illegal immigration supporter who received an Ohtli award from the Mexican government [1]. That award is given to those Americans who push that foreign country's agenda inside the U.S.

In June 2012, he said: "During the six years spent on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney’s extreme views on immigration and the economy were graciously on display, but now, addressing the largest gathering of Hispanic elected officials, Romney attempted to walk away from his past claims and so called former accomplishments." The gathering in question is of NALEO, the U.S.-based organization that helps Mexico give out the Ohtli awards. And, while he's actually much weaker on the topic, Romney at least during the primary supported attrition which is a completely mainstream plan that's been proven to work.

See also Gonzalez' canard-rich OpEd at peekURL.com/z3a99TL

[1] From May 4, 2012, peekURL.com/zAnxgYy

the Ohtli Award was presented to Gonzalez by Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan on behalf of Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

"Shared history, traditions, values and a common border unite the United States with Mexico in seeking what both countries desire: to be a robust sovereign national that provides economic security as well as safety and well-being for all families," Gonzalez said Friday in a statement after receiving the award.

"The Ohtli Award recognizes this enduring truth, and it is a tremendous honor which I humbly accept," Gonzalez said.

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