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How CBS immigration poll misleads (legalization, amnesty, Cirilli, Mataconis, Moran) - 01/29/13

... @dmataconis ) * Rick Moran of American Thinker ( peekURL.com/zbuhNY7 , @rickmoran_rwnh ) UPDATE: Another who presents the poll at face value: * Niraj Chokshi of National Journal ( peekURL.com/zdAKNtx , @nirajc )

Rightwing's muted response to Brown signing unpopular, anti-American immigration law - 10/09/11

... completely inaccurately-named American Thinker has a post about this linked from their front page too. The latter is by Rick Moran and misleadingly says the bill is for "the children of illegal immigrants" (that link applies to the California law too). In the two short original sentences in Moran's post, there's no editorializing or calls to action. It includes a comment (by "Gunny G") showing...

Is discouraging voting by the poor and welfare recipients a good idea? (Matthew Vadum, American Thinker) - 09/03/11

... completely inaccurately-named American Thinker, Matthew Vadum offers "Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American" [1]. Promoting himself as a controversialist appears to be one of his goals [2] and the article has worked wonders in that regard for him, even if most of the attention has been negative [3]. But, it's worth discussing his cry for attention anyway because many in the further reaches...

Tea Party "Patriots" mostly silent about anti-American DREAM Act (and rightwing bloggers too) - 12/07/10

... vote, at the ironically-named American Thinker the only post about the bill on /blog was from December 4. Afterwards, there's the brief americanthinker.com/blog/2010/12/dream_act_nightmare_fades_for.html * In the few days before the vote, Gateway Pundit had no posts about the bill except for one today (gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/2010/12/ republican-filibuster-may-kill-dream-act-amnesty-bill-...

Jack Cashill shows yet more tea party incompetence, analyzes McClatchy tea parties-as-racists article - 04/02/10

Over at the ironically-named American Thinker, Jack Cashill offers "How Quickly Spread the Tea Party Smear" (americanthinker.com/blog/2010/04/how_quickly_spread_the_tea_par.html, linked of course by Glenn Reynolds, pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/96898). This is in line with Cashill's more famous effort: wasting peoples' time by trying to prove the unprovable, and it like that is a minor example of...

"American Thinker" edits comment on sad and delusional tea party screed (Thomas Lifson, Ed Lasky) (UPDATE: bans me too) - 12/23/09

... Mob' Is Angry" from the website "American Thinker" (americanthinker. com/2009/12/why_the_angry_mob_is_angry.html) so I went there to find out. It's a cri de coeur (from "Wendi Lynn G", rightmakesmight4all.blogspot.com) that's as hilarious as it as sad, and I left the following comment: