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Allan Hoffenblum and illegal immigration

Allan Hoffenblum is a GOP consultant and publisher of the California Target Book. Hoffenblum is a frequent quote source for the mainstream media - particularly the Los Angeles Times - when they do stories involving the California GOP and immigration. Allen Hoffenblum can always be counted on to enable illegal immigration such as by misleading about the impact of Proposition 187.

Despite Alan Hoffenbloom's claims, Proposition 187 did not irreparably damage the GOP in California.

Last modified Jan 5, 2012
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... occasional KCAL political commentator Allan Hoffenblum:] "Immigration is a very emotional issue, and there is a group of voters who have an intense, intense dislike for illegal immigrants," said Allan Hoffenblum, editor of the California Target Book (californiatargetbook.com). "Dreier has the same position that Bush has, which a lot of right wingers don't like, and it's easier to go after Dreier...

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