Roland Martin's reconquista rant (CNN)

Criticizing Roland Martin of CNN is generally useless since it's doubtful whether anyone outside Jon Klein takes him seriously. Let's take a look at this illogical example where he discusses Lindsey Graham's supposed attempt to deal with birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. Instead of pointing out what Graham almost explicitly admits - that he's not really serious but is just doing it for political reasons - Martin goes off on a reconquista rant:

We have members on both sides of the aisle who care more about protecting their precious jobs and partisan poll numbers instead of actually finding a bipartisan solution. So instead of leadership, we get asinine suggestions like this one, which will do absolutely nothing about the estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the country.

That's right, nothing.

So what is the GOP's plan? To make it retroactive? OK, how about we take it all the way back and toss out all of the white descendants and anyone else non-Native American.

They were here first, and all of us are simply intruding on the land that was theirs. Who thinks Graham, Kyl, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the other bumbling idiots we call U.S. senators would actually be able to pass the DNA test to establish whether they are Native Americans?

Obviously, the GOP doesn't have a plan to deal with the 14th Amendment: they're just playing a game. And, even if they were serious, the chances of them trying to make it retroactive are almost zero. So, why did Martin even consider that as a possibility? Why did he build a huge strawman that has absolutely no basis in reality?

And, of course, Martin is denying that the U.S. has a right to the territory it holds, and in so doing exposing more than a bit of racial animus. Implying that the U.S. is "intruding" on land that one thinks rightfully belongs to someone else is to deny U.S. sovereignty.

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