Robb Pearson voluntary confesses, now supports migrant "rights" (9500 Liberty)

The passive-aggressive racists at the Youtube-promoted 9500 Liberty are back with a new video, this one featuring one Robb Pearson, a former leader of a small anti-illegal immigration group (Morristown, New Jersey rally described here) who's since recanted and now supports illegal immigration due to his belief that opposition to illegal activity is motivated by racism. I didn't watch the videos (Part 1 here), but feel free to do so in my stead and let me know whether it's similar in any way to videotaped "confessions" from the Soviet Union. Note this unverified comment from ALIPAC at that link:

The immigration enforcement movement outed this guy's best buddy, David Marlett of Pro America Companies, as a mole for the opposition. I'm starting to wonder if both of them worked together from the beginning to pull this routine. From watching this video, I can tell this guy has no backbone and could easily serve as a shapeshifter for the Pro Illegals

Pearson denies it, but in any case, consider this from his July 2008 post describing his "transformation" (link):

To me this issue, among many other human issues, is no longer about politics or nationalism or the artificial fear-based notion of "sovereignty". It is an issue of our common humanity, and the Oneness that transcends social and political boundaries.

In other words, he's a One World loon without a clue. He might not understand sovereignty, but the leaders of other countries certainly do. They would gladly take anything from us that they could get away with if we let our guard down, and in the case of Mexico they're quite open about using our weaknesses to obtain political power inside the U.S. Pearson might not care to deal with sovereignty, but the only reason he's not speaking another language as a subject of another country is because throughout our history others have cared enough to fight for our sovereignty. Whether Pearson was a mole or not, he's clearly a weak-minded fool.


Uhmmm...'best buddy'? Do you guys really believe all the stuff you read? When a movement falters, people start looking for scapegoats, and start questioning everyone who might have a different opinion than them. I was and remain admantly in support of American businesses which pledge to not break the law (and in turn unfortunately suffer for it). ProAmerica Companies was an honest effort to try to bring attention to those companies and help them out. It didn't work. I moved on. If anyone wants to believe something else, they will. But the movement would do itself a favor by taking a serious look from the inside at how it can be more effective, not pointing fingers out of ignorance. I wish the movement well... to the extent that it acts through decency, non-racism, and respects the humanity of the situation regardless of nationality. From that position I hope a new effort is formed to make a real difference in our illegal immigration crisis in this country. But it all starts with us, the consumers, and the hypocricy of what we say vs. who we do business with. David Marlett

"I wish the movement well... to the extent that it acts through decency, non-racism, and respects the humanity of the situation regardless of nationality." Respect the humanity [sic] of criminal invaders from another country? Go fuck yourself, traitor.

We are a Christian nation with a Constitution built on the Biblical principles of 'respect for humanity'...even criminals. If we lose our basic decency and respect for other humans, criminal or not, we have lost far more than just our national integrity. In that respect, we should still be rounding them up and shipping them back and protecting the jobs of American citizens. You can enforce the law and protect our borders AND be decent and respect their humanity. Your anger is misplaced toward me. All the same, I wish you well, David

"Go fuck yourself, traitor" Simple and to the point. Nice work

WTF has been inhumane about the patriotic immigration reform movement you delusional prick? You must live in Manhattan, or Frisco, or some other fag town. Take your left wing sentiments of kumbaya elsewhere. This is the USA. Love it or leave it. I live in Santa Ana, Calif., which is 92% mexican. Lots of machismo and racist mexican nationalism-irrendentism here. You are either with us or against us, so go fuck yourself you anti-American douchebag. My anger is not misplaced against douchebags who are clearly quisling moles.

thats irredentism, which i don't think they have in new jersey. what a freaking douchebag!

as the former usa disappears people like this will make deals.

david marlett only if people are willing to fight for it.