Pew: "immigration does not rank as a top voting issue for Hispanics"

From a new Pew Hispanic poll (link):

When Arizona enacted an unauthorized immigrant enforcement bill earlier this year, the immigration policy debate reignited across the country. Even so, the new survey shows that immigration does not rank as a top voting issue for Hispanics. Rather, they rank education, jobs and health care as their top three issues of concern for this year's congressional campaign. Immigration ranks as the fifth most important issue for Latino registered voters and as the fourth most important issue for all Latinos.

However, the survey finds that two-thirds (66%) of Latino registered voters say they talked about the immigration policy debate with someone they know in the past year. It also finds that those who have had these conversations are more motivated to vote in the upcoming election than are those who haven't. Nearly six-in-ten (58%) Latino registered voters who have discussed the immigration debate say they are absolutely certain they will vote in November, compared with just four-in-ten (39%) of those who have not talked about the immigration debate.

Needless to say, the above is not how most politicians - Democrats or Republicans - act. They seem to believe that immigration is the primary motivation for Hispanics, when - despite Arizona - 34% of them haven't even discussed the issue with others. It's certainly the top motivating factor for Hispanic leaders and others who hope to profit monetarily or electorally from increased numbers of Hispanics, but to their base it's not a top-tier issue.