Occupy the Debate, Global Noise signifying nothing, and other worthless OWS efforts

From an Occupy Wall Street email:

Movement activists the world over have begun a campaign to create Global Noise in an international potbanging protest on Saturday, October 13th.

The main goal is to foster a feeling of solidarity between all the global movements. Likewise, local occupations and occupiers across the country will be banging on pots and pans, a tactic known as a 'casserole march', in order to gain attention for our shared grievances.

Occupy Town Square along with Strike Debt and many other Occupy Wall Street Affinity Groups are answering the call for a day of #globalNoise.

Little kids throwing tantrums have been known to do the same thing: bang pots and pans in order to gain attention for their grievances. Isn't it time Occupy grew up?

If they have shared grievances, then - if they were completely different people - they could enumerate those grievances and choose the most pressing top few issues. They could develop a list of those on the other side of those issues, and a list of the things those opponents have said or done that they disagree with.

From there, it's just a small step into developing an argument against those actions and statements. After that, a big leap will take them to developing questions designed to reveal the flaws in those actions and statements, and going out and asking their opponents those questions. If Occupy were different people, they could actually challenge their opponents and show them wrong, using the Question Authority plan.

Instead, they just act like little kids throwing tantrums.

But, wait, there's more. On the same day:

We are having an Art Party and Pot Luck to gear up for the Debate. This is a time for us to make banners and signs for the demonstration. Bring art supplies and a Pot Luck dish to share.

Then, on October 16:

The second presidential debate will take place at Hofstra University in Long Island. Join us in protesting a system that does not represent us. Occupy The East End (where the 1% vacation) is collaborating with local and national Occupys. Buses will be leaving NYC at 3pm sharp.

There are many legislators who are close to Occupy in ideology, so the idea that they aren't represented is not accurate. If, by "represent us" they mean there are people with power who believe in sharply different things, then - as with little kids - someone needs to inform Occupy that they can't always get everything they want.

If by "represent us" they mean the debates won't feature questions about their "shared grievances", then there's a solution to that: see the Question Authority plan above, and see also my almost five year old plan for real debates with tough questions.

Putting on the second wouldn't be so difficult for Occupy, if they were different people. They could could conduct mock debates with proxies for Obama and Romney being asked tough questions about the issues of concern to Occupy. That could be live streamed (something Occupy is quite good at) and uploaded to video sharing sites. If the questions were good enough and it was done in a grown-up fashion, that would not only help get the issues that concern Occupy a wider audience, but they could show just how much of a disservice the Commission on Presidential Debates is doing.

But, Occupy leaders can't figure that out, or perhaps don't want to figure that out.

Instead, they just want to bang pots and pans and wave signs like little kids.