Obama Notre Dame commencement speech: live video

Discuss the commencement speech by Barack Obama at Notre Dame University.

UPDATE: If that doesn't work, go here. Also, ND president Rev. John Jenkins seems to be the root of the problem. In his introduction he said, among many other things, that Obama wanted to make immigration more humane; the opposite is true. At the start of Obama's speech, some are booing and one person was just re-seated by security. Another interrupted the speech with a louder shout; the audience then launched into their own unintelligible chant.

UPDATE 2: Now, Obama is calling on all of us to join hands. Aww. He also gets in a plug for his book. He wants us to work together to reduce the numbers of abortions... reduce unintended pregnancies... make adoption more available... In the audience, a baby started crying as Obama launched into that bit.

UPDATE 3: Fox News says just four people were escorted out of the event.

UPDATE 4: I replaced the MSNBC live feed with an Associated Press report. Full video when it's available.

UPDATE 5: A transcript of his remarks is here. Consider this:

Those who speak out against stem cell research may be rooted in an admirable conviction about the sacredness of life, but so are the parents of a child with juvenile diabetes who are convinced that their son's or daughter's hardships can be relieved.

As far as I know, the debate is about embryonic stem cell research, not that research in general. I'll leave it to those familiar with that debate to indicate whether this was an attempt by Obama to mislead.

UPDATE 6: Here's video of protesters being arrested before the speech.


Is it really worth all that much attention?

You can forget about ANY health research once the government gets its hands on it. Incompetent boobs will ruin it once and for all....They are sending stimulus checks to DEAD people....Are these the same people they want to bring the promise of health care to??? OOPS Too late for them I guess!! What a collective bunch of BUFFOOONS!!!

_As far as I know, the debate is about embryonic stem cell research, not that research in general._ Yes. Or rather the destruction of otherwise viable (human) embryos in order to obtain stem cells. Practically speaking there is no other source of stem cells.

head monkey in the land of monkeydom, what a joke of a non nation state of monkey pin heads. its all a joke and the liers of evil are running you like little bitchs into hell. Obama the Osama of are time; "In the last days of a once great nation of laws and ideals", now just a pin head nation state waiting to become mexico city.

Open minds? Open hearts? Come together? How does one come together with a person who thinks (and votes as an IL legislator, three times) that it's perfectly OK to ignore a child who survives an abortion and just let it lie somewhere, anywhere, unattended and neglected to die. Sorry, the abortion is an attempt at murder, to subsequently abandon the living result of that procedure shows a reckless disregard for the child and IMHO is a criminally negligent homicide. I think Obama has a serious problem, the man's mind is so open that his brains have fallen out!

Hi Mom, You are presumptuous to think that Obama has any brains to fall out! Frankly I believe the man is totally devoid of principles. His arrogance is rivaled only by Hugo Chavez...In fact they are a lot alike !