Obama "Director of Citizen Participation" is from Google (Katie Jacobs Stanton)

Per this, Barack Obama has named former Google product manager Katie Jacobs Stanton to be his "Director of Citizen Participation". Neither I nor that site know exactly what she'll be doing, but note that Obama has previously conducted scams called "The Citizen's Briefing Book" and "Open for Questions". At least the second used a Google tool called Moderator, and that was a project Stanton was involved in. Both of the Obama efforts used popular voting systems and were designed to fail (from our perspective). They allowed those who have a mailing list or a lot of web traffic to propel weak questions to the top, while the tough questions languished.

UPDATE: This also continues a disturbing trend of Obama having various links to Google: he's accepted money from them and their employees, and their CEO Eric Schmidt is an advisor who campaigned for him. Meanwhile, Obama's decision to upload videos containing his presidential talks provided the Google property Youtube with a great deal of free advertising and almost certainly new users.


_Neither I nor that site know exactly what she'll be doing,..._ I guarantee you no one knows exactly what she was doing at Google either -- except pulling a nice paycheck for holding down one of those amorphous management positions that seem to exist in large numbers once a company reaches a certain size, which no doubt Google has at this point.