Obama, Democrat, far-left opposition to Arizona immigration law giving comfort to Mexico

Sara Miller Llana of the Christian Science Monitor lets us know that "Mexico sees silver lining in Arizona immigration law" (link). You might call it giving comfort (if not aid), but that's only because you're an American:

From the view south of the border, times could not be worse in terms of America's disregard for Mexico.

But a curious thing is happening. Mexicans are also seeing a new level of American discontent percolating over US immigration initiatives, much of it coming from unexpected corners.

“I know that there are many Americans for the law, but there are many against it too,” says Angel Hernandez, a Mexico City resident washing his car on a recent day. “There are many Americans uniting to support us.”

That support, note Mexicans, seems to come from the very top. President Obama says he'll challenge the Arizona initiative in court. On a recent visit to Ecuador, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed that the administration intends a lawsuit.

And beyond the Washington beltway, cities from Baltimore to Seattle have opposed the Arizona law, passing resolutions and some even barring municipal employees from traveling to the state. The Arizona Diamondbacks, the Major League Baseball team, face protesters at their games around the United States.

Bear in mind that "aid and comfort" has two parts; the Obama administration, the Democrats, and the far-left are only giving the comfort part, at least so far.