Obama admin deports two illegal aliens, but only because they tried to tour the White House

According to the Associated Press (link):

Two people facing deportation from the United States have been taken into custody at the White House gate. They had arrived for a tour of the executive mansion... The pair was part of an adult education program, and a routine background check showed they had an outstanding immigration order against them.


In 8 years some alien with political/drug dealer put will be president after this alien. see star trek its great.

Is there any way to find out the names and nationalities of the absconders?

Gee, his aunt went to the inauguration....She had ignored two deportation orders. Why wasn't she arrested ???? Not to mention she is living in welfare housing on the DOLE....in Boston while American citizens wait for housing.

Do we know they have been deported? I expect they were released out the back door of the White House with brand new fake Social Security cards.

Actually they are probably now in the administration overlooking immigration issues.