I drove into the Chicago ourskirts on Thursday night, and Friday I went into the city. I started in the Loop, and then I went to a nearby area to visit a couple places that I vaguely remember from many, many years ago. Friday was quite an emotionally difficult day for me, and I still haven't quite got over it. One of the places I visited has been shuttered for a couple years, and will probably be demolished. The other, assuming I have the address correct, has been replaced with a school building. Visiting these places fills me with an intense sense of regret and other emotions that I'd rather just forcibly repress and lock inside.

But, enough of the maudlin Lonewacko, and back to the wacky insouciance that I use to mask the intense pain I feel every moment of every day.

I'm going to try blogging live from the Loop tomorrow. I'll set up the laptop, connect to a WiFi access point, and then invite passersby to guest blog, letting strangers write entries in this very space. If they're willing, I'll also post their pictures here. All live.

I'll first try this at the Cosi cafe at 116 S. Michigan at around noon or 1pm Central time, and if that doesn't work out I'll try a bar named Mother Hubbard's at 5 W. Hubbard. I'm awaiting manager approval on Cosi's, and I haven't even asked Mother Hubbard's yet. So, it might have to wait for another city.

UPDATE: I don't think he knows exactly what he's getting into, but EJ at Cosi just approved my request, so I'll be at the S. Michigan location between about 1 and 2pm on Sunday 9/14/03. When I'm asked to leave, I'll ask Mother Hubbard's if I can do it there. Then it's on to Indiana.