What really happened?

export EVENT=Northeast blackout

echo "While the rest of you are trying to figure out what really happened, I've already figured it out.

Obviously, Shrub wanted to drag attention away from $IRAQ_OR_SIMILAR, so that's why he and his neo-conmen cause this $EVENT.

Speaking of $DEROGATORY_BUSH_TERM(rand()%234), where was he when the $EVENT happened anyway? Perhaps he was $PRETZEL_OR_SIMILAR_EMBARRASING_SHRUB_MOMENT(rand()%32)."


The causes of the Northeast's mega-blackout were perhaps not so insidious as you suggest-- then again, our shadow government's secretive tendrils should never be underestimated. The outage seems more like the inevitable result of privatization of the energy racket; some disaffected, eight-fifty an hour asshole asleep at the switch- and suddenly the first world has its first taste of the Soylent Green/Road Warrior future ahead.