Chris Dodd call to ask candidates tough questions goes nowhere

About a week ago, Senator Chris Dodd posted a Youtube video urging citizen journalists to go to campaign appearances by the presidential contenders and ask them about his Dodd Amendment and other issues. The video has been viewed by over 340,000 people, roughly the 2000 population of the Reno, Nevada MSA.

A quick search on that site for both versions of his name as well as his amendment failed to find a single person who had heeded his call. But, hey, there's still time...

Obviously, not all people are so apathetic and there are plenty of activists out there. Is it just that they aren't online video watchers, or that carrying Dodd's water isn't of interest, or that they aren't interested in actually trying to clean up our corrupt political system and the media by asking tough questions, or that they need a reward other than a few hundred views of their video? I really don't know, but I think the only way to get people to do things like this would be to pay them money.