Bush attacks immigration "reform" opponents, taps out literary allusions

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Our president spoke [1] in Georgia earlier today at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco. The topic: comprehensive immigration "reform", specifically the Senate's amnesty bill.

I am uncertain how to proceed.

Do I offer a summary? A point-by-point "fisk"? Do I make fun of his blather? Do I outsource commenting to others? Do I frantically search through the collected works of Kafka, Gogol, Shakespeare, even Bradbury or Vonnegut or Asimov to try to find literary corollaries to his remarks? Contact professors of Russian or Classical history for past examples? I really don't know what to do in this case.

[1] whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070529-7.html


Well, what do we expect from this lousy excuse for a president? He has one mission: to globalize (ruin) the U.S.

I have read the speech. I certainly agree enforcement must be in place first, with effective results, benchmarks if you will, before the other provisions can move forward. Past experience has shown the benchmarks will be ignored, enforcement will be ignored, and amnesty will happen anyway. Bush and Chertoff parrot each other on a daily basis with, "Can't be done, won't be done", when we talk about employer enforcement, deportations or building the wall. Why should they ever be trusted? Surrender and amnesty are repulsive words and concepts that will make an American Citizen choke everytime. We won't change, ever, so it is Congress that must yield to America and The People. Not us to their agenda, but they to ours. Seven amnesties since 1986, and the people have been lied to about enforcement everytime. Shame on us. Better to split this into two completely separate bills. One for the enforcement, which must demonstrate 100 percent compliance with predetermined "benchmarks" over several years. Only then, and if, all conditions are met would bill #2 be given force of law. And it would give us much more time to discuss whether their is any need for guest workers, visas, H-1B workers, or anyone at all for that matter. There is absolutely no reason to rush this bad bill through without looking at it long and hard. The desperation of Bush and Kennedy to cram this through without proper review by Congress and the Citizens, indicates to me that it is a very, very bad bill. The only emergency we have is to start enforcing the law, build the wall and ratchet up deportations into the thousands...not just 10 or 20 at a time for the photo op with the media. The guest worker issue can wait, forever if need be, until we are secure. Amnesty can wait until someplace freezes over.

Give Bush the Finger!!! He is a total SOB !!!

From the AP: "Bush chastised those who say the proposal offers amnesty to illegal immigrants. He called it empty political rhetoric." Darn. I guess I will have to try to remember to stop using that word. I didn't realize I was engaging in empty political rhetoric.

Shouldn't Presidente Arbusto be standing in front of a Mexican flag, and not the U S flag?

"Â…[T]he fundamental question is, will elected officials have the courage necessary to put a comprehensive immigration plan in place that makes it more likely we can enforce our border and, at the same time, uphold the great Â… immigrant traditions of the United States of America. Â…" Note the words 'MORE LIKELY'. How assuring. In other words, we can't anyway and I certainly don't want to. Wow, what conviction. This most stubborn person on some things has zero will when it comes to border security. He just shrugs and is like 'whatever, man'. Does this guy cross his fingers behind his back when speaking of enforcement? His indifference toward enforcement is in contrast to his enthusiastic body language (leaning forward) whenever discussing, e.g., 'my guest worker plan'. We already have a fence law passed and look how far it's gotten.

On the White House web site, they post things like this: 'The Bill Builds Upon The Administration's Record Of Achievement In Border Security And Worksite Enforcement' 3 notices of intent to fine and 0 fines in a whole year. Some 'achievement'. Which is more vomit inducing, the courage comment or "don't want to do what's right for America" crap?

I have called Senator Jeff Sessions office several times urging him to IMPEACH BUSH. It is obvious the President has betrayed the American people. It is time for legitimate representatives of the American People to "depose " him once and for all. Nothing good has come of his presidency...and I voted for him....so I admit I made a very grave error .

I like Bush's attempt at reverse psychology: "if you're not FOR this bill, you're a COWARD!"

Security doesn’t come first in this bill. This bill would immediately legalize illegal aliens that are currently in the country. The only way Congress will actually see to it that the border security and enforcement provisions in the bill will be implemented is if they have to do them before they even consider an amnesty for the people who are here. 2. Illegal aliens won’t have to pay back taxes — where do we get the same deal? The whole idea that illegal aliens shouldn’t have to pay the taxes they already owe for working in the United States is utterly and completely offensive because it actually gives them a privilege that American citizens aren’t getting: forgiveness for taxes owed to the IRS. 3. If passed, this bill will make taxpayers pay the legal bills for illegal aliens seeking amnesty. Tucked away on page 317 is a provision that would allow lawyers in the federally-funded legal services program to represent illegal aliens, which they are presently barred from doing. 4. This bill rewards illegal aliens for breaking our laws. There are tens of millions of people who respect our laws and our country, waiting patiently, in line, often in their home countries, to get a chance to come here. Under this bill, illegal aliens will immediately be eligible for a “Z Visa” which allows them to work, go to school, and — this is important — stay here for the rest of their lives if they so choose because there is no limit on the number of times it can be renewed. 5. The bill gives the government only one business day to conduct a background check to determine whether an applicant is a criminal or a terrorist. It is impossible, of course, to determine in a single day whether someone is a terrorist or a criminal. 6. In the bill Section 601(g)(2), illegal-alien gang members would be eligible for amnesty merely by signing a “renunciation of gang affiliation.” 7. Gang-bangers and other criminals, who have been ordered to leave the United States by an immigration judge but defy the ruling, are called absconders. Section 601(d)(1)(I) permits U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to grant an absconder a Z visa anyway if he can show that being forced to leave the United States “would result in extreme hardship” to the alien, his spouse, parent or child. 8. The bill effectively shuts down our immigration-court system. If an alien in the removal process is eligible for the Z visa, the immigration judge must close the proceedings and offer the alien the chance to apply for the amnesty. 9. If ICE officials apprehend an alien who appears eligible for the Z visa (in other words, just about any illegal alien), they can’t detain him. Instead, ICE must help him apply for the Z visa. Rather than initiating removal proceedings, ICE will be initiating amnesty applications. It’s like turning the Drug Enforcement Agency into a needle-distribution network. 10. To qualify for the Z-visa amnesty, an illegal alien need only have a job (or

IF you are NOT for this bill you are a TRUE AMERICAN!!