California Democrats try to give free health care to children of illegal aliens

The Democrats in Sacramento are trying to sneak through an expansion of the "Healthy Families" program that would expand that to include the children of illegal aliens.
Assemblyman John Laird, D-Santa Cruz, a budget writer, said [state Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, R-La Mesa] was incorrect in contending that the proposal gives the children of illegal immigrants benefits not available to legal residents.

Laird said the proposed expansion provides health care for all children whose parents are under the income limit.

"It doesn't keep anyone from getting it," he said...
Obviously, those U.S. citizens above the income limit are prohibited from receiving the benefits. But, foreign citizens who are here illegally and who are below the income limit can receive the benefits. Therefore, Laird is completely wrong.

As Hollingsworth points out, this proposal would just encourage even more illegal immigration. While no one wants to block children from receiving health care, if there were much less illegal immigration this wouldn't be an issue. It's those "liberals" and racial demagogues who support illegal immigration that get us into this situation in the first place. They also hurt their own chances of passing some form of universal health care, since everyone knows that those same "liberals" and racial demagogues would try to make it available to everyone and would put the state in even greater financial straits than it is already.

Since the Democrats who support this have not been censured by the national Democratic Party, it's fair to claim that the national Democratic Party fully supports illegal immigration.


The sad fact is that they plan to raise the sin tax on smokers by $2.60 a pack to fund this program. $2.60 A PACK!! That's $26.50 MORE per carton which is already costing me $42.90. The conundrum is CA loves to tax the smoker WHILE AT THE SAME TIME passing legislation barring them from smoking ANYWHERE. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO ANYBODY AT ALL???? This is the usual CA legislature wishy-washiness brainlessness. If they want money from smokers, they should allow smokers more rights, NOT LESS! No wonder this state is a mess.

no,no its not that, the fact is the democrats want free health care for all of mexico, not just the kids, sad fact the enemy is here and is getting YOU IN LINE RIGHT NOW!