Did Bill Bennett really lose $8 million?

Apparently not, as this MSNBC interview shows:

SCARBOROUGH: OK, did he lose $8 million, though? He reported $8 million in losses, but is it minus $8 million?

GREEN: No, no, let's be real clear about that. No, no, let's be clear about that. That is net loss more than $1 million. These gambling records that we've got, they show losses, they show wins. He hit plenty of jackpots, $10,000, $15,000, $40,000, up to $80,000 jackpots. The problem is, is, he'd turn around and he would play them right back.

In other words, about $100,000 per year. Small change to some. While it doesn't change the underlying issues that much, it certainly makes it look less like he's a compulsive gamer. To their credit, several leftie blogs are now printing this story. Just search for them, you'll find them.