Bush's UN speech shows he doesn't understand how refrigerators work

Dear Prez:

Hey, nice speech you made before the United Nations ("Bush vows to 'tear down walls' between rich and poor nations").

Unfortunately, you seem to have failed to grasp certain basic concepts, not the least of which is that which we call "America".

But, let me explain it to you in simple terms. Let's say it's hot out. You're sweaty. Ah ha! You have an idea: you'll open up your refrigerator to cool down.

The problem with that idea is that your refrigerator is only designed to cool its own small, sealed space. It's not designed to cool a large room.

So, if you leave the door open for a long length of time, the refrigerator can't keep up. Even if the motor doesn't burn out, it won't be able to cool the room, and it'll even have trouble keeping your food cool.

Now, opening the refrigerator door occasionally is OK. But, you don't leave it open because all that coolness is a valuable commodity.

Hopefully you'll be able to understand that example using the emboldened passages from your remarks:
We have a moral obligation to help others -- and a moral duty to make sure our actions are effective. At Monterrey in 2002, we agreed to a new vision for the way we fight poverty, and curb corruption, and provide aid in this new millennium. Developing countries agreed to take responsibility for their own economic progress through good governance and sound policies and the rule of law...

...A successful Doha Round will reduce and eliminate tariffs and other barriers on farm and industrial goods. It will end unfair agricultural subsidies. It will open up global markets for services...

...Doha is an important step toward a larger goal: We must tear down the walls that separate the developed and developing worlds. We need to give the citizens of the poorest nations the same ability to access the world economy that the people of wealthy nations have, so they can offer their goods and talents on the world market alongside everyone else. We need to ensure that they have the same opportunities to pursue their dreams, provide for their families, and live lives of dignity and self-reliance...
What wonderful ideas! Perhaps you should buy another country and conduct the experiment there instead of inflicting it upon this country.


Bush owes loyalty to the citizens here when they are attacked by foreigners; that means building up walls between them and us, not tearing them down. Is he proposing global equality of opportunity, and equal chance to access the welfare societies? Should China or N Korea have equal opportunity to put spies and agents into our armed forces? Bush is a disloyalist, yet selectively against those who have achieved something. This indicates hatred against human achievement and success, not weepy compassion for the poorest, breeding with abandon in the tropics.

There are those who will say that this is nothing more than making nice in front of the UN; to go before that esteemed body and tell its members to solve their own frickin' problems would make Bush as popular as the guy who gets on a crowded elevator and then proceeds to fart.

Then there are those (like me) who think that Bush just might be as dumb and/or corrupt as advertised, since he seems not to understand that he is responsible for and accountable to the CITIZENS of the United States, no one else.

Of course, he could be driven by nothing more complicated than misguided Christian sympathy, in which case then he's really got no business being President of the United States. Maybe he could get hooked up with Jimmah Carter (another sanctimonious jerk) and build some houses somewhere.