Debbie Schlussel pictures

Here's one with terrible lighting and everything else:

And here's one with better lighting but with Debbie Schlussel's conservative assets less visible:

Here's another horrible picture of Sean Hannity with Janeane Garofalo. Can't this guy get the VRWC to spring for a better photog?

The other pictures at Hannity's site are pretty funny.

TO DO: crop out Sean Hannity, remember the Golden Ratio.


Debbie SLUT-hussel is pretty ugly, I thought she was pretty good looking till I seen these pics...

The first picture has obviously been photo shopped - it's not the lighting - look at the difference between the clarity of Hannity and Schlussel's face - Someone tried to change how Debbie looks - which is silly, because the picture below it is much more attractive.

Finally! Another picture of Debbie Schlussel. I think I liked here better in that pic with the green top, but these pics confirm that she does, indeed, have great hooters.

More pics, more pics!!

Yes, both pictures above are of Debbie. The Janeane Garofalo picture is at the link and it's not shown.

In any case we can tell the difference between them due to tragic surgery Janeane had done.

I think that second picture is Debbie also, not Janeane Garofalo.