Press 2 if you want me to promise you everything for nothing

In an attempt to show that he might be worse, John Kerry recently made more pro-illegal immigration promises in Fresno. Well, he wasn't really in Fresno, he just phoned his pandering in:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry capped a recent farm workers convention by promising to propose "comprehensive immigration reform" within his first 100 days in office if he defeats President George W. Bush.

Kerry made the promise in a seven-minute telephone call to delegates last Saturday at the 17th Constitutional Convention of the United Farm Workers in Fresno, California.

He also vowed to immediately sign the bipartisan AgJobs bill, which would allow undocumented farm workers to gain legal residency status.

"Within hours of being sworn in, there will be health care for all Americans," said Kerry...

"[Bush] sure turned his back on the American people," said [AFL-CIO President John] Sweeney during prepared remarks at the convention. "He promised us 5 million jobs and he's off 7 million because he's lost 2 million jobs."

...Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, addressing the audience in Spanish, warned of a "new anti-immigrant wave."

Perhaps instead of encouraging a nation within a nation, John Kerry might give some thought to being the American candidate. And, it seems odd that on the one hand Kerry wants to invite millions of illegal aliens here, but at the same time a union president is complaining about jobs being lost.


Jeez, you Californicators are still soiling your shorts about "the Brown Menace?" I sentence you to seeing A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN twenty times. Oh, & start reading the comicstrip LA CUCARACHA.