"Ruling Aids Illegal Workers"

The L.A. Times reports on a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that makes it easier for illegal aliens to sue their employers ("Ruling Aids Illegal Workers"):

"Granting employers the right to inquire into workers' immigration status in cases like this would allow them to raise implicitly the threat of deportation and criminal prosecution every time a worker, documented or undocumented, reports illegal practices," Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote in the ruling. Reinhardt said such inquiries would discourage workers from coming forward, and "countless acts of illegal and reprehensible conduct would go unreported."

While it does give rights to illegal aliens, it also makes those workers less attractive to prospective employers. One of the main reasons employers hire illegals is they're less likely to complain. And, that makes them cheaper overall. However, recent suits have ratcheted up the total costs to employers and will hopefully serve as a disincentive to hire illegals. Why not hire a legal resident or a citizen, and avoid headaches?