Did Rep. Joe Garcia say "We Proved That Communism Works"?

Yes, he did, but he said it sarcastically. Like if you don't like brocolli, but say "I like broccoli!". If you say that sarcastically, that doesn't mean you actually like broccoli.

Garcia was engaging in hyperbole, claiming that everyone in El Paso is employed by the government to stop illegal immigration, and that El Paso having a supposed low crime rate proved that Communism works: by employing everyone, the government can reduce crime. Watch the video below where he laughs about it.

The National Republican Congressional Committee either isn't smart enough to understand sarcasm, or thinks their audience isn't smart enough. From 'Watch This Florida Democrat Say "We Proved That Communism Works"' (link):

Joe Garcia just can’t help himself. After trying to run for Congress for 6 years, he now has the opportunity to serve South Florida families but instead he is proving to be unfit for public office.

The next embarrassing chapter of the Garcia saga happened last night during a Google Hangout. Garcia told the participants of the Hangout that “We’ve proved that Communism works.”

...NRCC Statement: “Congressman Joe Garcia has embarrassed South Florida families with his voter fraud scandal, his bad committee hearing hygiene and now he has the audacity to say Communism works. If his bone-headed behavior before wasn’t an indication, this irresponsible statement proves that Joe Garcia is not fit to represent the 26th District in Congress.”– Katie Prill, NRCC Spokeswoman

It's perfectly expected that the Daily Caller ( peekURL.com/zKcg2M7 by Brendan Bordelon) and Gateway Pundit ( peekURL.com/zR8v92s ) would be unclear on the basics of English, but one might expect the NRCC to be slightly above the fray. The video was initiated by America Rising, an oppo research group started by Matt Rhoades (Mitt Romney campaign manager) and RNC operatives Tim Miller and Joe Pounder.

While some people might fall for what the NRCC and America Rising are trying to do, things like this will probably come back to haunt the NRCC and others involved as more people realize how they're being lied to.

We need to have a grown-up conversation about the huge downsides of comprehensive immigration reform (see the link), but obviously the NRCC, America Rising, and the others aren't up to the task or willing to discuss those downsides. Instead, they just want to smear and play games like little kids.

Want to do something about this? Work to discredit @KatiePrill, @BrendanBordelon, @AmericaRising to their supporters. Shame them into actually coming out against amnesty rather than playing games.