Dana Loesch sues to leave Breitbart.com contract, claims "indentured servitude"

Dana Loesch is suing the Breitbart empire in order to get out of her employment contract, claiming that her agreement is "what amounts to an indentured servitude in limbo". Story here, complaint here.

Loesch is a Tea Parties icon who was hired by Andrew Breitbart in 2010 to edit BigJournalism.com and contribute blog posts, as I noted with surprise at the time. That link quotes one such blog post where she claims that anyone who opposes the Teaparties is a socialist.

From the complaint:

This case concerns a poorly managed but well meaning relationship gone tragically awry,resulting in the attempt by one vindictive party to sabotage the reputation and career of another

...However, the external success of Loesch and Breitbart.com masked the emerging internal difficulties the new company had with managing themedia “empire”. For reasons that may just as easily be attributed to basic ideological conflicts, the working environment for Loesch became increasingly hostile. Conditions worsened so much that Loesch was forced to terminate her engagement with Breitbart.com, as was her right under the express terms of her contract with them.

Unfortunately, and in stark contravention of its agreement with Loesch, Breitbart.com,LLC continues to insist on binding Loesch to what amounts to an indentured servitude in limbo. On the one hand it refuses to publish Loesch’s contributions to the site, and otherwise precludingher from fulfilling her duties as editor. On the other hand, it sabotages her attempts to labor in asimilar fashion elsewhere through public misstatements and private threats to sue those whowould otherwise employ Loesch...

The more fractured those like Breitbart.com, Loesch, and the Teaparties, the better for America.