Even Matt Yglesias realizes immigration amnesty would harm the GOP

What is it that Matt Yglesias of Slate can see that GOP leaders can't? Not much: neither are that perspicacious. But, at least Yglesias is ahead of GOP leaders in one way: being able to see that comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) would harm the GOP's electoral chances. From peekURL.com/z9ph9Ua :

Latinos aren't into (the GOP's just-help-the-rich-get-richer agenda) for roughly the same reason that Asians and African-Americans aren't - absent the frisson of worry about the "white establishment" being forced into minority status - it's just not very compelling. To do better, Republicans don't need a different immigration policy or better Hispanic outreach strategy, they need an overall policy that's more compelling to the middle class and will help them do better with voters of all kinds. In fact, endorsing immigration reform now might make things worse for them, by enlarging an electorate that's fundamentally hostile to their worldview.