thinks harming U.S. workers and helping the elites is compassionate (Jessica Pieklo, immigration, the 99%)

At the liberal causes site Care2 dot com, Jessica Pieklo offers "5 Ways Democrats are Listening to the 99%" (aka "Democrats Offer A Platform for the 99%", ).

Of her five ways, at least one is simply an attempt to give the Democratic Party race-based power at the expense of not just U.S. workers but foreign countries. She writes:

The Democrats released their 2012 party platform Monday night, and for those voters looking for key differences between the two parties, they need look no further... 5. Immigration: And finally, the party reaffirms its commitment to comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform beyond the DREAM Act.

That's followed by this quote from the platform:

Democrats know there is broad consensus to repair that system and strengthen our economy, and that the country urgently needs comprehensive immigration reform that brings undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and requires them to get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship.

In fact, the "reform" they promote would - among many other things - help corrupt businesses lower wages and would increase competition in a very weak job market. It would, however, give the Democrats millions of new potential voters. The Democrats don't care about the impact of "reform" on American workers, they just want more power. At least that part of their platform isn't for the "99%", it's squarely for the "0.1%".

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Pieklo ends with the claim that "Democrats came out strongly in support of the American people". Read the links above to see how false that is.