Ninety four wealthy families gave Obama campaign $14.4 million

From our "Now They Tell Us!" file, the Washington Post offers "The Donors Who Gave Big, and Often" by Kimberly Kindy and Sarah Cohen, link. 94 wealthy individuals, couples, and families were able to donate $14.4 million to the Obama campaign by taking advantage of various loopholes regarding being able to donate to different entities. And, some of those loopholes were brought to us due to McCain Feingold. Some of those donors were also bundlers, with six of the 94 bundling $500,000 or more.

While the full dollar amount they contributed is even less than the amount of questionable foreign donations Obama received, it's the thought that counts:

Many big donors will also watch Obama be sworn in next week, but from premium seats, and will attend an inaugural ball and other private celebrations using tickets they received in exchange for their donations.

Former "reporter" and now Obama hack Linda Douglass wants to give us something to have a hearty laugh over, as she's quoted as saying:

"Nothing has ever led any donor to believe they will have special access to President-elect Obama."

Those named in the article are:
* The Rockefeller family: twelve gave a total of $316,000
* Bill Perkins, runs Small Ventures USA (energy development and investment)
* Frank Brosens of New York City, worked for Goldman Sachs and founded Taconic Capital Advisors
* Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw
* Ernie Banks (former baseball player)
* Stewart Bainum Jr. and family ("Hotel magnate and former Maryland lawmaker")
* Jack Antaramian and family (hotel)

If anyone would like to research the others and see if there's anything interesting, please leave a comment.


yes its called the oligarch families, but only 14.5 million things must be bad!