NCLR makes hay out of opponents' mistakes (Sotomayor)

One would think that a group that gave an award to someone who'd proposed genocide wouldn't have much of a chance at beating their opponents. Yet, the National Council of La Raza is in the lucky position that most of their leading opposition doesn't have a clue about that organization or doesn't have a clue about the best way to oppose them.

(For those curious, the way to oppose them is simple: just tell the truth. See the extensive summary of their activities at the last link.)

Now over to their new petition drive called "Condemn the Attacks on Latinos and Sotomayor, Now" (

The nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court was an historic and proud moment for Latinos and the country as a whole. But her ethnicity has proven too much of a temptation for the voices of hate and extremism, who instead of looking at her judicial record have launched a vocal rampage that has reached new heights of absurdity... Rush Limbaugh, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and others are claiming that Sotomayor is a "reverse racist" because she believes that more judges with diverse backgrounds and experiences would be a good thing for the judicial system. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies (the "think tank" of Tanton's web of anti-immigrant extremist groups) and his pals at the National Review online are just beside themselves that Judge Sotomayor had the temerity to pronounce her own name correctly... Former Congressman, failed presidential candidate, and anti-immigrant extremist Tom Tancredo, unable to provide a shred of evidence for his assertion that Judge Sotomayor is a "racist," went off the deep end on CNN, saying Sotomayor belongs to "the Latino KKK without the hoods and nooses."

I haven't looked into the Krikorian bit, but they probably wouldn't be able to discuss the other incidents if those people had simply followed the golden rule: just tell the truth about them. And, while giving people cute names probably isn't that bad, Debbie Schlussel would have been more effective if she'd simply concentrated on the facts rather than having to write this explanation.


Apparently, the background of non-minority individuals have no influence on their world view. I thought only robots are not influenced by their background and experiences but I might be wrong.