NCLR blocked me on Twitter

Shortly after Twitter introduced lists, I made a few as an experiment [1]. One was called "The other side" (twitter . com/24AheadDotCom/the-other-side) which at post time is blank. However, it used to have tweets from @NCLR, and I was going to eventually get around to adding other groups. I don't think I ever sent a tweet to @NCLR, so apparently the only thing NCLR didn't appreciate was being added to that list.

The blocking apparently means they won't see any tweets I sent them, I can't follow them (I wasn't intending to do so), and they won't show up in my lists. As I said, this is a minor matter and it's not like I was eager to send them tweets. And, it's not like I'm making much use of Twitter lists. But, it's yet another piece of information showing who we're dealing with.

[1] I also created an "MSM and Sub-MSM hacks" list (twitter . com/24AheadDotCom/msm-and-sub-msm-hacks) which still contains Dave Weigel and Daphne Eviatar and might one day have more. And, in order to tweak tea parties, I created "It's a tea party nation" (twitter . com/24AheadDotCom/it-s-a-tea-party-nation). I'll leave it to you to see who I put in that list.

8/26/14 UPDATE: My current handle is @24AheadDotCom_ . The links above aren't valid anymore.