Mexican government lobbied to prevent Ramos, Compean from being released

On yesterday's Lou Dobbs show, Casey Wian said this about the Ramos and Compean commutation:

Mexico's Deputy Secretary of Foreign Relations Carlos Rico (ph) said, quote, "this is a message of impunity, it's difficult to understand." He also acknowledged that Mexican officials had lobbied hard to prevent the former Border Patrol agent's release.

UPDATE: There's much more on this in the 1/22 transcript. Various congressmen think there was extensive involvement by the Mexican government in the case; hopefully an investigation into contacts between that government and the Bush administration will be launched.


yes we knew that fact and it show me how much power the drug dealers have inside our so called government, thank god both got out alive so many never get out alive.

Treason has its own punishment: death. We can only pray for justice of this magnitude. I would like to see the US Atty. and the Federal Judge on this case swinging from a gallows.