John Stossel /ABC: "Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull" (TV, libertarian, Drew Carey, Reason, cosmos, rainbows...)

Briefly emerging from Galt's Gulch, ABC News host John Stossel will offer a segment called "Bailouts, Big Spending, and Bull" on tonight's 20/20 TV show airing at 10:00PM Eastern and Pacific. During the show he'll discuss various topics of interest to libertarians, such as pot, the stimulus plan, pot, did I mention pot?, and so on. And, he'll be joined by washed-up TV host Drew Carey. Carey will discuss his dramatic political enlightenment thanks to Reason Magazine. Yes, that's right: the "cosmotarian" publication that helped block the Ron Paul movement is having their big TV break.

If you want to strike back a bit, go to and other sites that discuss the segment and point out all the ways it was wrong. For instance, here's the bit about the border (link):

Run for the Border: Do you sleep better at night knowing there's an expensive fence on America's southern border? Will a giant wall really secure our country? So far, those wanting to come here just go around the wall, or climb over it, or cut holes in it. If we further reinforce the entire southern border, then what about Canada? And what about the miles of east and west coast beaches? Will we patrol our coastline with machine guns? In fact, half the illegals in America entered legally by using tourist or student visas, then staying after their visas expired.

The border fence is effective where it's used, the reason it's not that effective in some areas is because there's no fence there. Duh. And, if there had been a fence all along the southern border - or at least where necessary - millions of people would not have been able to enter the U.S. illegally. Fixing the problems with illegal crossings and illegal overstays are two separate issues. And, obviously, it would be much more difficult for large numbers of people to enter the U.S. illegally through the coasts. And, there's a problem with possible infiltration of terrorists and the like from Canada but, since they aren't a failed state we don't have to worry about millions of Canadians streaming over the border. Double duh.


Unpatriotic libertarian loons. Too bad we don't have internment camps for these traitors.

Glenn Spencer has sent the record straight on AmericanPatrol.