Irony deficient Christopher Knight of LAT: "Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs"

Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times offers "Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs" (link), a hilarious example of someone - in this case some sort of art critic - just not getting the joke. His shocking news is that the logo used for 9/12's march on Washington was lifted from Communist symbols. That's obvious, and it was intentional. To help Knight understand this, he should refer to the classics.

See this discussion last month about how FreedomWorks controls the "grassroots" movement, specifically the logo:

In that FreedomWorks response, forwarded to the group a few days earlier by Jenny Beth and also obtained by TPMmuckraker, Brendan Steinhauser, an organizer for the corporate-backed group, explained that FreedomWorks would stick with its original logo, which shows raised fists in front of the Capitol building, in part because "the left (Keith Olbermann and Josh Marshall) thinks we don't understand the connotations of the symbol, which we do."

And, while Glenn Beck obviously has connections to the march, it's not his logo: as pointed out at the last link, it's a FreedomWorks invention.

Whatever you do, don't show Christopher Knight this site.


Go Glenn, and yes obama is based on communist ideals with a little hitler in him so why not logo's? all the right wing people in fact backed obama and when the right tells you we can remove obama in 4 years it is a total lie. what is happening here was made as a deal long-ago. you are owned by the third world one world pigs so have fun in hell.