If you oppose the NAACP playing the race card, the Tea Parties aren't your friends

Earlier today, the NAACP passed a resolution "calling on all people -including tea party leaders - to condemn racism within the tea party movement" per this (actual text not available yet). The NAACP resolution followed a tea parties group in turn condemning the NAACP for playing the race card in a resolution that's better than I'd give the teapartiers credit for [1].

That said, if you oppose the NAACP playing the race card, the tea partiers aren't really on your side: having them help you fight the far-left is like replacing your town's police force with the Keystone Kops. Frankly, the teapartiers don't have the mental or emotional capability to engage the far-left and show how they're wrong.

The tea partiers are the loudest - and self-appointed - opposition to the far-left. They've pushed themselves to the front of the line, claiming that only they can hold the line against the far-left. But, they aren't up to the job. One of the many emotional failings is absolutism and, instead of working with others, they demand purity of thought and smear anyone who disagrees with them even in the slightest. And, of course, their concerns are almost completely financial, prompted in part because those who actually pull the strings on their movement like making money. They don't have a basis in opposing the far-left on social issues, so they respond to being called racists through counter-productive activities such as endlessly repeating the smears, endlessly denying they're racists, and engaging in far-left activities like bean-counting.

There are effective ways to repel "racist" charges but, once again, the partiers aren't capable of adapting or learning much less following through.

If you oppose the NAACP playing the race card, how does it feel to have loudest opposition be self-appointed incompetents?

[1] The anti-NAACP resolution is here:
It's not as bad as I would have expected, but a few things jump out. For instance, they claim to be "patriots"; what exactly does that mean? Do they mean, "despite what you've heard, we're patriots", or, "we're patriots and you aren't"? It's almost certainly the latter, and it's a sign that the other opposition to the teaparties is almost as bad as the teapartiers that they haven't called the tea partiers on such an outrageous statements.