"Identitarians" choose dumb, costly way to reduce refugees to Europe

From this:

Far-right activists are planning a sea campaign this summer to disrupt vessels saving refugees in the Mediterranean, after successfully intercepting a rescue mission last month.

Members of the anti-Islam and anti-immigrant “Identitarian” movement – largely twentysomethings often described as Europe’s answer to the American alt-right – have raised £56,489 in less than three weeks to enable them to target boats run by aid charities helping to rescue refugees...

..The crowdfunding campaign began in the middle of last month when a French faction, Génération Identitaire, set up a “defend Europe” website to target refugee rescue boats, mimicking the direct action tactics of groups such as Greenpeace. Its mission statement says: “Ships packed with illegal immigrants are flooding the European borders. An invasion is taking place. This massive immigration is changing the face of our continent. We are losing our safety, our way of life, and there is a danger we Europeans will become a minority in our own European homelands.”

1. They're basically the mirror image ideologically to Milena Vayntrub, and just as dim (no offense to Milena, who is probably just naive).

2. While their effort is similar to Greenpeace, unlike Greenpeace they will get no establishment support. All the coverage of them - aside from in the [[AltRight]] "media" - will be highly unfavorable. Anyone who wants to maintain respectability won't touch them with a 10 meter pole. They'll consider that as a good thing, like someone who steps on rake says "I meant to do that".

3. The smart alternative - one that wouldn't cost much money or any money at all - would be to make smart arguments that undercut those who support massive refugee movements. Unlike identitarians' money, smart arguments won't run out. Smart arguments - made in a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent fashion - would undercut attacks on their group and make it possible for them to gain widespread support.

4. In one way it's a good thing that "identitarians" and the "Alt Right" are such brainless losers: if they had brains they'd be dangerous. However, both Europe and the USA needs a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent opposition to mass refugee resettlements and mass immigration in general. The "identitarians" and the "Alt Right" are poisoning attempts to get that and might as well be working for the other side (if some aren't already). Upholding Western values and European civilization is valid, necessary, and noble. Those types of people are a disgrace to centuries of history.