HuffPost, The Atlantic, LGF, Gawker, Sullivan, C&L, & more spread smear video (Glenn Beck, "burn the books")

The attached video is a local meetup for Glenn Beck's "912 Project" and features someone who's probably genuine giving an anti-Communism and partly paranoid rant. However, near the five minute mark, a lady's voice is heard shouting out "burn the books". She's then challenged by a male attendee who asks her whether she's serious; she replies that yes she is.

It's pretty clear that the book burning part is just a dirty trick [1], yet several of the Internet's brightest lights have either fallen for it or are pushing something that they know is just a smear. Take a close look and listen to the video and look at the uploader's profile in [1], and then ask yourself whether you want to trust those listed below who've passed along this smear or not.

Those sites include the following; if you know of others please leave a link in comments. Note that the sites listed below do not raise any concerns about whether the burn the books part of the tape could be fake but simply present it as if it were all real:

* Little Green Footballs!

* Andrew Sullivan

* Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post (contrary to what he says, the objector is not behind the camera)

* Jon Perr of Crooks and Liars

* Alex Pareene of Gawker

* Chris Good of The Atlantic

[1] First, notice that the lady talking about burning books is probably the one shooting the video; the white shirt of the male attendee who challenges her moves into the frame, and the audio leads to that conclusion as well. Note that her voice is a bit more muffled than his; the mic is pointed in his general direction and not hers.

Then take a look at the profile of the person who uploaded the video:

She claims that her Interests and Hobbies are "Jesus Christ, religion, God Bless the USA, being a good Christian, God, living for Jesus, 10 commandments, dragoman 1995, Ohio, midwest, heaven, all dogs go to Heaven". You'll probably think that's more than a bit over the top and that instead of supporting those she's mocking them. Then, you'll take a look at her favorites, which include some videos that no Christian conservative would add to their favorites.

If you do the above, you'll do more than hacks like Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson, or Alex Pareene are capable of doing.

8/26/10 UPDATE: Sometime between post date and now the video (previously at was removed and the cookiecache account was suspended.