The "How is Tea Party Wrong?" Video Contest

What is it?

The "How is Tea Party Wrong?" video contest is seeking the best video that presents a persuasive argument against the tea parties (see our extensive coverage at that link). The video that wins the contest will be able to change the minds of at least some people about their movement. Anyone can submit a video as long as it's hosted at Youtube (see the fine print below).

How does it work?

The first phase will take place over a month or two as videos are submitted. Then, there will be a public comment period. Those comments might influence my decision on the winner, or they might not. I'll then decide the winner and begin promoting it.

What videos are eligible?

The video should be targeted at prospective teapartiers or current non-hardline teapartiers. In other words, the video is designed for outreach and not just for the echo chamber of those who already disagree with the teapartiers. Videos that present the teapartiers as something they aren't (a racist group, a reincarnation of the Religious Right, etc.) aren't eligible. The video must understand what the teapartiers are actually about: money and a "libertarian Lite" ideology. The goal of the video should be to show that teaparty ideas won't work in the real world.

What can I win?

The winner will receive not just one, but two of the greatest gifts of all. Not only will the winner get the warm feeling of having done a public service, but the winner will receive fame and renown: I'll promote the winning video and its maker(s) here, on Twitter, and elsewhere. The winner will have played a role in reducing the power of the teaparties, and that combined with having your video promoted here makes for a highly valuable award.

How do I enter?

1. Upload your video to Youtube, if it isn't there already.
2. Enter the URL of your video into the form at to create a shortened version of the video URL.
3. Tweet the shortened URL (not the Youtube URL) to me at @24AheadDotCom_ . In the unlikely event you don't have a Twitter account, you can leave the link in comments on this post.
4. All URLs submitted must have been shortened with That's one of my sites; my main goal with this contest is to show how the teaparties are wrong but the minor goal is to promote the use of that site.

Fine print

To enter the contest, you must be the author of the video; you can't enter for someone else. Your video must contain only content you yourself produced, or if you use content produced by or involving someone else, your use of that content must be covered by Fair Use. You retain all rights in your video; submitting it to the contest does not transfer any rights to me. You can withdraw a video you submitted at any time. Any minors who enter the contest must have written consent of their parents or guardians. I reserve the right to change or add contest rules or pause or terminate the contest at any time. All results are final. No prizes will be awarded. Void where prohibited.