Gallup poll: 50% of Americans want immigration decreased (was 39% last year)

According to Gallup (link):

Half (50%) say immigration should be decreased, up from 39% last year. A third (32%) say immigration levels should be kept the same, down from 39%, and 14% say they should be increased, down from 18%... Currently, 58% say [immigration] is a good thing -- the lowest percentage saying so since 2003. The historical low for this measure, 52%, came in 2002, after the 9/11 attacks.

Not only that, but 44% of Democrats and 46% of independents want immigration decreased.


Gee, imagine what the poll might be if we had a few months of remotely balanced, wide ranging, and accurate historical and economic coverage of immigration from the MSM.

Any such poll is bound to be hopelessly skewed by the fact that the vast majority of today's immigrants are non-white, and if I you say you want immigration reduced you will be called a racist. Few people can stomach that or know how to respond, so they regurgitate the answer that's expected.

I can eh, to save a great nation from total dismantling! but it will happen the only thing people can do now is to make a place that the monkeys can;t take away and that means people must fight like the old days and that will never happen in todays America.

That consistent results of that poll question should make CIR a non-starter. Unfortunately, the media, and even opponents in the legislature, do not hammer the point that CIR is a massive INCREASE in immigration. If that were better understood, CIR would not just be unpopular but wildly unpopular in its eventual bill form. These polls which supposedly show Americans open to CIR are flawed on many levels and this another one. Do you think the supposed CIR support would be lower if this were at the end of the poll questons: 'The legislation will result in a permanently higher level of immigration than the current amount and additionally allow amnesty recipients to bring to the U.S. their family members who are currently residing in other countries'.

It is completely impossible to say in any way that CIR is good for middle class Americans. There is no benefit what-so-ever. Only more: over crowding less resources less wild life increasing taxes less jobs less pay less English less culture less freedoms less safety less jail space on and on...... If the benefits of making illegal aliens citizens, and giving those lawbreakers who are only here for the money, the same rights as us........ then it would never be enough to compensate for the above wrongs, that will then become permanant.

Start with deporting most of the US Congress!

Mary is right and that is a real ideal.