FreeRepublic delivers to-be-ignored letter to Specter about stimulus

Earlier today, a group of people from FreeRepublic including their leader Jim Robinson ("JimRob") presented a letter to Arlen Specter's office opposing the stimulus plan (link). Apparently Melanie Morgan was also involved in some way.

It's a shame they didn't put an RFID tag on the letter or something, otherwise they could have found out how quickly it was thrown in the trash. While the reference to "the several hundred thousand members of" might have briefly caught the eye of the aide who got the letter, it was probably quickly forgotten as they rushed back to do what they were going to do anyway. Note also that as of post time, there's only one (1) mention of this in Google News, and that was a Politico blurb about the visit from eight hours ago.

The most effective way to get the rapt attention of Specter and his friends is to discredit them on video by asking them tough questions and then uploading their response to video sharing sites. I've suggested doing that three times on the various FR threads about FR's trip to Washington DC, but it obviously didn't sink in. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to JimRob et al for flying into DC, but it would have been much better if they'd done something effective.


No offense Lonewacko but I've seen so many things on video that have caused me to have absolutely no respect for politicians already ....I don't need to see any more to realize they are mostly all traitors and self serving pigs. (Apparently those of us who are paying attention are in the minority.)