Freedom Vigil: Beltway libertarians to restore U.S. liberty one glowstick at a time

The latest hilariously stupid tea parties-style cheap stunt is a "Freedom Vigil" to be held in Washington DC tomorrow night. "Thousands" - make that more like a few dozen - will gather for a silent walk during which they'll raise glowsticks in the air in order to show their support for liberty (at least according to their definition). And, no, I'm not making that up.

Unlike other cheap stunts that were organized by grassroots useful idiots and then "facilitated" by Beltway libertarians, this event is more the creature of those low-level libertarians themselves; think of the "Free the Jefferson 1" effort ( Those attending, possibly attending, or indicating that they can't attend include Randy Barnett, Alex Nowrasteh, Tim Mak of the American Enterprise Institute, two or more associated with the Koch family's Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, several people who are current or former students or otherwise associated with George Mason University, a Libertarian Party worker, and so on. In otherwise, it's a low-level Kochtopus event.

For your amusement, here's the notice from their page:

The government takeover of health care is the last straw.

Protests didn’t stop it. TEA parties didn’t stop it. Liberty was loud, but the sound was silenced by big government.

They aren’t listening. Let’s make them see.

The beacon in the Old North Church cut through the darkness and rallied American Patriots to the cause of liberty over 230 years ago. On Saturday we will cut through the darkness with a glowing demonstration of liberty. Liberty will shine on the capitol and we need you to join us.

We want to show them the strength of the opposition to their legislation. It’s not a few loud voices raging for a minority, but thousands of ordinary people who won't stand for it anymore.

This is a peaceful, silent protest vigil meant to show that we, the citizens, will not stand by while our freedoms are trampled. We will let freedom shine.

Join us on Saturday night at 9PM to silently raise a glow stick and show them what our words haven’t accomplished. We want liberty and we want the right to make decisions about our daily lives.

Government grows, but freedom glows!

And, to drive the stupidity home, here's an email update I received:

Looking for glow sticks or glow bracelets? Toys R Us and Party City should have them. Also check the toy and auto sections of Target and Walmart. We’ll have some to hand out as well, but if you can’t find one, you can always use the light from your cell phone.

Please help us promote the event by posting it on your facebook wall, blogging and tweeting (#freedomglows) about it.

This is a peaceful, silent vigil. We don’t want to give them any excuse to ignore us!

And, here's the comment I left on their wall:

Patriots! Don't just raise one glow stick! Join with me in freedom as I bring along a mini-blimp bedecked with a thousand glow sticks! Let the points of our light shine forth like a beacon that would make Tom Paine proud! (If you can't afford a mini-blimp and a thousand glow sticks, see if Koch Industries has a grant you can apply for.)